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Volunteering in Egypt
Volunteering in Egypt

Volunteering Egypt! Go Volunteer Africa, the leading and largest volunteer travel organization welcomes you to Egypt. If you are keen to volunteering in Egypt then you are highly welcome. Go Volunteer Africa offers lots of different volunteer opportunities in Egypt in which you can get involved in several hands-on projects.

Egypt has long been one of the most popular countries in the world with so many historical places of interest located here, you will be able to explore the riches of one of the world’s oldest civilizations and do something beneficial to communities by working as a volunteer with Go Volunteer Africa.

Egypt Tourist Attractions

Go Volunteer Africa provides a number of international volunteer in Egypt projects to participate in, you will meet lots of new people from all over the world, at any one time there are several international volunteers in Egypt working with us.

Volunteering in Egypt is the perfect way to experience the country or spend a gap year in Egypt. By signing up to volunteer in Egypt with us, you will be doing more than just sightseeing and you help communities, wildlife and the environment. You will get a real feel for the people, culture and country whilst being able to be far more than just a tourist.

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As soon as you arrive in Egypt you will feel the warmth of the local people and there will also be the satisfaction of being able to really making a difference. Whether you are young, old, or in-between, retired or just simply adventurous, Go Volunteer Africa will have the perfect volunteer opportunity for you in Egypt.

Go Volunteer Africa Egypt is constantly working on local projects aimed at improving the living standards of communities, archaeology or disadvantaged youth and children. If you would like to help refugees in Egypt, Go Volunteer Africa Egypt offer this opportunity throughout the year.

Volunteer in Egypt

Fun Facts about Egypt

  • The ancient Egyptians invented the 365-days a year calendar, to predict the yearly flooding of the Nile river.
  • The Red Sea is one of the Seven Wonders of Africa, offering some of the best snorkeling and diving spots in the world due to its calm nature with high temperatures allowing for the development of a wealth of undersea life.
  • The great pyramids were not built by slaves. Many people believe this, but that was not the case. They were paid labourers who believed this to be a great honor towards the Pharaoh and those who died were buried in the tombs near the sacred pyramids.
  • The Ancient Egyptians had so many gods that literally every city had its own favorite deity.
  • Aswan High Dam is the world’s sixth-largest dam based on water storage capacity, built to contain the raging waters of the world’s longest river, the Nile.
  • Egypt has more than 3451 hours of sun each year. Aswan is the third sunniest place in the world with 3863 hours of sun each year, that’s 10 hours of sun a day!

Exploring and Volunteering in Egypt

Volunteering in Egypt is a great way to get an authentic experience working alongside local people and learning more about their culture. Be prepared to get involved and try to be open minded and fun to be around, on some itineraries you can participate on homestays.

Come and explore the historic ruins of one of the greatest, most ancient and powerful civilizations in the history of the world, while contributing to the impoverished communities of Egypt.


Egypt, officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia via a land bridge formed by the Sinai Peninsula. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Gaza Strip (Palestine) and Israel to the northeast, the Red Sea to the east, Sudan to the south, and Libya to the west.

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The Gulf of Aqaba in the northeast separates Egypt from Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Cairo is the capital and largest city of Egypt, while Alexandria, the second-largest city, is an important industrial and tourist hub at the Mediterranean coast.

Islam is the official religion of Egypt and Arabic is its official language. With over 100 million inhabitants, Egypt is the most populous country in North Africa, the Middle East, and the Arab world, the third-most populous in Africa (after Nigeria and Ethiopia), and the fourteenth-most populous in the world.

Volunteer in Egypt

The great majority of its people live near the banks of the Nile River, an area of about 40,000 square kilometers (15,000 sq mi), where the only arable land is found. The large regions of the Sahara desert, which constitute most of Egypt’s territory, are sparsely inhabited. About half of Egypt’s residents live in urban areas, with most spread across the densely populated centres of greater Cairo, Alexandria and other major cities in the Nile Delta.


Ethnic Egyptians are by far the largest ethnic group in the country, constituting 99.7% of the total population. Ethnic minorities include the Abazas, Turks, Greeks, Bedouin Arab tribes living in the eastern deserts and the Sinai Peninsula, the Berber-speaking Siwis (Amazigh) of the Siwa Oasis, and the Nubian communities clustered along the Nile. There are also tribal Beja communities concentrated in the southeasternmost corner of the country, and a number of Dom clans mostly in the Nile Delta and Faiyum who are progressively becoming assimilated as urbanisation increases.

Some 5 million immigrants live in Egypt, mostly Sudanese, “some of whom have lived in Egypt for generations.” Smaller numbers of immigrants come from Iraq, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, and Eritrea. The main foreign languages taught in schools, by order of popularity, are English, French, German and Italian.

Egypt has the largest Muslim population in the Arab world, and the sixth world’s largest Muslim population, and home for (5%) of the world’s Muslim population. Egypt also has the largest Christian population in the Middle East and North Africa. Egypt is a predominantly Sunni Muslim country with Islam as its state religion. The percentage of adherents of various religions is a controversial topic in Egypt.

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Reasons to Volunteer in Egypt

Egypt, a Mediterranean country linking northeast Africa with the Middle East, dates back to the time of the pharaohs. Ancient Egypt saw some of the earliest developments of writing, agriculture, urbanization, organized religion and central government.

This is your chance to explore the history and iconic monuments such as the Giza Necropolis and its Great Sphinx, alongside the ruins of Memphis, Thebes, Karnak, and the Valley of the Kings; reflecting a distinguished legacy and remaining a significant focus of scientific and popular interest.

Egypt possesses some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with coastlines on both the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Not to mention the coastline of Egypt’s lifeline, the Nile River. Egypt boasts a magnitude of history, culture and scenic attractions. Very few countries have the opportunities Egypt presents.

From the great deserts of the west and rocky topography of the Sinai Peninsula to the lush Nile Valley, Egypt is a land of great diversity and opportunity, with huge appeal to almost everyone. Here are our highlights of the best things to see in Egypt. The last remaining wonder of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the enigmatic half lion/half man symbol of the Old Kingdom, the Sphinx, are not to be missed

Explore beautiful beaches with the crystal-clear water of the Mediterranean Sea and stunning coral reefs of the Red Sea, while enjoying world-class diving experiences. Along the Red Sea Coast and the Sinai are some of the best dive sites in the world.

Wander the busy street markets of Cairo, while engaging in cultural exchange when bartering with local vendors. Travel back in time and visit various historical marvels including ancient temples, tombs, mausoleums and monasteries.

Check out the world’s largest collection of Egyptian artefacts, including the Royal Mummies and Tutankhamun’s gold mask, at the Egyptian Museum Experience the Sahara Desert, the world’s largest hot desert, by taking part in our Bedouin Safaris while camping under the stars


Egypt English Teaching Volunteer Project

EGYPT: English Teaching Volunteer Project

Volunteer teaching English in Egypt and explore the country of pharaohs and pyramids, the impressive Nile river and stunning deserts. The purpose of English teaching volunteer project in Egypt is to develop English communicative skills ...


Please Note: An application and placement booking fee of $180 is charged over and above the program fee as an application payment to secure your placement. 

The fee covers: Administration Costs, Placement Booking & Confirmation, Pre-departure support & documentation, 24-hour international HQ back-up. 


To start the process fill Volunteer application form and submit it for consideration and book your placement. For more information on how to get enrolled for the volunteering experience of a lifetime contact us. Or Give us a call | WhatsApp | Telegram | Viber | Imo at +254-796-786292 to talk to a Program Specialist.

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