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Volunteer in Kenya

Kenya-A beautiful country in the heart of the Savannah! If you planning a trip to Kenya for a Safari, Cultural exchange, Coastal & Marine Vacation, Go Volunteer Africa is here to travel with you. Kenya [Read More]

Volunteer in Rwanda

Rwanda – Land of a thousand hills! The “land of a thousand hills,” a direct translation from the French “Pays des Mille Collines,” is an apt description for the verdant country of Rwanda. Come for [Read More]

Volunteer in Tanzania

Tanzania- home to Africa’s most famous National parks! Tanzania is an incredible country that should be on any traveler’s must-see list. As the largest country in East Africa, Tanzania has plenty of adventures to satisfy [Read More]

Volunteer in Uganda

Uganda – The Pearl of Africa! Famously called the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill, it is home to one of the most diverse and concentrated ranges of African fauna including the highly endangered mountain [Read More]

Volunteer in Malawi

Malawi- The Warm Heart of Africa! Go Volunteer Africa welcomes you to the legendary warm heart of Africa- Malawi. Thinking about going on volunteer holiday or safari in Africa? – Malawi should be the answer! [Read More]


Djibouti Travel Deals

Special Budget Djibouti & Somaliland Tour

Go Volunteer Africa’s arranges best budget Djibouti – Somaliland travel deals. Go Volunteer Africa takes you on breathtaking tour of a lifetime in a country that officially doesn’t exist. This is a sensational classic tour [Read More]

Djibouti Travel Deals

15 Days Djibouti Volunteering and Travel Holidays

Go Volunteer Africa is the only organization offering community volunteer work in Djibouti. Go Volunteer Africa allows you to give back to communities in Djibouti while exploring the amazing diversity and rich cultural history of [Read More]

Go Volunteer Rwanda
Popular Adventure Trips

Top Go Volunteer Rwanda Opportunities

Go Volunteer Africa’s volunteer Rwanda opportunities range from games and sports coaching, women empowerment, youth work, English teaching and childcare activities in Kigali. Immerse yourself in Rwandan life and explore the beautiful Kigali. Whether you volunteer [Read More]


Best Popular Volunteer Programs

Honeymoon Volunteering Projects

You are planning a honeymoon volunteering vacation? You want to do something more life changing, rewarding and meaningful instead of just lounging around at a luxury hotel during your honeymoon? – Then consider spending your [Read More]

Best Popular Volunteer Programs

Tailor-Made Volunteering Projects

Go Volunteer Africa begun organizing Tailor-Made Volunteering projects just to cater for the gap between our volunteers and fixed opportunities we have. The idea behind tailor made volunteering projects is simple but effective. We find [Read More]

Best Popular Volunteer Programs

Christian Short-Term Missions

Are you passionate about telling others the good news of Jesus and salvation? Do you relish descipling new believers into spiritual maturity? Then Christian short-term Missions organized by Go Volunteer Africa are the right answer! Christian short-term [Read More]

Best Popular Volunteer Programs

Solo Travel Volunteering Projects

Don’t have a travel partner? No problem! Traveling solo can be lonely and daunting… But it can also be a rewarding experience of a lifetime if you do it right! The majority of Go Volunteer [Read More]

Best Popular Volunteer Programs

Corporate Volunteering Projects

Businesses are giving more than financial support to the communities in need. They are offering their most valuable asset: their employees’ time. Employer supported volunteering, or corporate volunteering, is growing in popularity, with companies recognizing [Read More]

Best Popular Volunteer Programs

Group Volunteering Projects

Go Volunteer Africa offers a range of options for group volunteering projects and we’re experts in creating customized experiences that expand horizons, foster cross-cultural understanding and make a positive contribution to community projects. Whether it’s [Read More]

Best Popular Volunteer Programs

Construction Volunteer Projects

Go Volunteer Africa’s Volunteers who indicate their desire to work in construction enjoy a wide variety of projects to choose from every week. Our Volunteers may choose to work on different projects every week or, [Read More]

Best Popular Volunteer Programs

Conservation Volunteer Projects

By volunteering with Go Volunteer Africa under the Conservation volunteer projects, you will make a major contribution to the wildlife or environment conservation projects around Africa. Go Volunteer Africa connects volunteers in Africa with nature [Read More]

Best Popular Volunteer Programs

Teaching Volunteer Projects

Step into classrooms and share your knowledge, experience and skills with children in Africa by volunteering in Go Volunteer Africa’s Teaching Volunteer Projects. As a volunteer you will work in the schools and organize various [Read More]

Best Popular Volunteer Programs

Summer Volunteer Projects

If you’re interested in volunteering and traveling to Africa this summer, Go Volunteer Africa provides safe, meaningful and truly affordable summer volunteer & travel opportunities to thousands of volunteers from all over the world. Through [Read More]

Best Popular Volunteer Programs

Medical Volunteer Projects

If you are interested in medical volunteer projects in Africa, you are in the right place! Medical volunteer projects arranged by Go Volunteer Africa offer an incredible opportunity to give back to communities in need, [Read More]

Best Popular Volunteer Programs

Family Volunteering Projects

Voluntary work overseas has been traditionally for those who don’t have children. Through Go Volunteer Africa you can volunteer in Africa with your Family! Family Volunteering is a fantastic way to travel the world, provide [Read More]