Zimbabwe women volunteer project
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ZIMBABWE: Women Volunteer Project

Volunteer for Zimbabwe women empowerment project and work for the welfare and social development of women who are underprivileged and belongs from poor backgrounds, across Zimbabwe. Participants who choose to volunteer with Go Volunteer Africa’s [Read More]

Zimbabwe teaching volunteer project
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ZIMBABWE: Teaching Volunteer Project

Dedicating your time, energy, and skills as a participant at our Zimbabwe teaching volunteer project is a great way to spend your gap year, career break, or extended vacation. You can gain valuable work experience [Read More]

Zimbabwe medical volunteer project
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ZIMBABWE: Medical Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Zimbabwe medical volunteer project is an excellent way to gain experience, combined with the chance to help people in some of the poorest medical institutions in the developing world. Go Volunteer Africa [Read More]

Volunteer Placements in Kenya
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Volunteer Placements in Kenya

Go Volunteer Africa provides to people of all ages and backgrounds with opportunities to have an active part in helping develop a local community through our volunteer placements in Kenya. Go Volunteer Africa recruits and [Read More]

Tanzania Childcare Volunteer Work

TANZANIA: Childcare Volunteer Work

Go Volunteer Africa’s Tanzania childcare volunteer work provides to people of all backgrounds and ages an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate orphaned and vulnerable children. Your main role [Read More]

Tanzania Teaching Volunteer Project
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TANZANIA: Teaching Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Tanzania teaching volunteer project increases education standards at the local schools we support and teach life skills that will help and empower children to make sustainable improvements within their local communities. Volunteer [Read More]

Tanzania Community Volunteer program
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TANZANIA: Community Volunteer Program

The aim of Tanzania Community Volunteer program is to provide support for a wide range of capacity building initiatives within the local communities being implemented by our affiliate NGOs.  Tanzania is a known as a [Read More]

Tanzania medical volunteering project
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TANZANIA: Medical Volunteering Project

Our Tanzania medical volunteering project is suitable for medical professionals or students looking for a medical volunteer program in Tanzania, Go Volunteer Africa offers unique medical and healthcare opportunities in Tanzania and internship opportunities to [Read More]

Tanzania Childcare Volunteer Work

ZIMBABWE: Childcare Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Zimbabwe childcare volunteer project supports children who are orphaned and needy due to loss of their parents/ guardians to diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer and hence leading them to fend for themselves at [Read More]

Kenya Volunteer Safaris
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Affordable Quality Kenya Volunteer Safaris

Kenya Volunteer Safaris! Taking in the sights, taking pictures, taking a bus, taking your time … no wonder they call it taking a vacation. Instead of always taking something away when you travel, why not [Read More]

Liberia Childcare Volunteer Project

LIBERIA: Childcare Volunteer Project

As participant in our Liberia childcare volunteer project, you will have to play a significant role by providing the children with proper care, love and warmth. You can also help daycare, orphanage and school staff [Read More]

Liberia teaching volunteer project
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LIBERIA: Teaching Volunteer Project

Through our Liberia teaching volunteer project, Go Volunteer Africa is looking for volunteers who can take up teaching roles at our schools and children centers in Liberia. You can help in taking normal classes, assisting [Read More]

Liberia Community Volunteer Program
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LIBERIA: Community Volunteer Program

Volunteering in Liberia through our community volunteer program is an opportunity to work with grassroots projects in rural Liberia. As in most parts of Liberia, the community members of this area struggle to meet their [Read More]

Liberia Women Volunteer Project
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LIBERIA: Women Volunteer Project

Join us on our Liberia women empowerment volunteer project and work with local staff to help support these women and girls as they strive to find better futures. You will be involved in a variety [Read More]

Liberia Medical Volunteer Project
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LIBERIA: Medical Volunteer Project

Our Liberia medical volunteer project is open all year-round. Students and professionals are highly welcome! This Go Volunteer Africa project offers a wide range of medical volunteer placements including nursing, physical therapy, midwifery, dentistry, pediatrics [Read More]

Liberia sports volunteer project
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LIBERIA: Sports Volunteer Project

If you are a sports lover, be a part of Go Volunteer Africa’s Liberia sports volunteer project. Teach and Coach Football, Basketball, board games or Swimming. In Liberia, we have a variety of volunteer sports [Read More]

Ghana Teaching Volunteer Project
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GHANA: Teaching Volunteer Project

The Ghana teaching volunteer project takes place in Accra. Through the Ghana teaching volunteer project, support is provided to orphaned children, street children and vulnerable children. Volunteering with Go Volunteer Africa in Ghana allows you [Read More]

Ghana Sports Coaching Volunteer Project
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GHANA: Sports Coaching Volunteer Project

Volunteer your skills to teach football, rugby, cricket, volleyball, basketball with Go Volunteer Africa’s Ghana sports coaching volunteer project.  If you love sport and adventure, this sports development volunteer program in Ghana, is the best [Read More]

Ghana Childcare volunteer project

GHANA: Childcare Volunteer Project

Discover the colorful culture of Ghana when you volunteer alongside local teachers and caretakers on our Ghana Childcare volunteer project. Your work will include conducting educational workshops and child development programs. Make a vital contribution to [Read More]