Kenya Volunteer Safaris
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Affordable Quality Kenya Volunteer Safaris

Kenya Volunteer Safaris! Taking in the sights, taking pictures, taking a bus, taking your time … no wonder they call it taking a vacation. Instead of always taking something away when you travel, why not [Read More]

Liberia Childcare Volunteer Project

LIBERIA: Childcare Volunteer Project

As participant in our Liberia childcare volunteer project, you will have to play a significant role by providing the children with proper care, love and warmth. You can also help daycare, orphanage and school staff [Read More]

Liberia teaching volunteer project
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LIBERIA: Teaching Volunteer Project

Through our Liberia teaching volunteer project, Go Volunteer Africa is looking for volunteers who can take up teaching roles at our schools and children centers in Liberia. You can help in taking normal classes, assisting [Read More]

Liberia Community Volunteer Program
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LIBERIA: Community Volunteer Program

Volunteering in Liberia through our community volunteer program is an opportunity to work with grassroots projects in rural Liberia. As in most parts of Liberia, the community members of this area struggle to meet their [Read More]

Liberia Women Volunteer Project
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LIBERIA: Women Volunteer Project

Join us on our Liberia women empowerment volunteer project and work with local staff to help support these women and girls as they strive to find better futures. You will be involved in a variety [Read More]

Liberia Medical Volunteer Project
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LIBERIA: Medical Volunteer Project

Our Liberia medical volunteer project is open all year-round. Students and professionals are highly welcome! This Go Volunteer Africa project offers a wide range of medical volunteer placements including nursing, physical therapy, midwifery, dentistry, pediatrics [Read More]

Liberia sports volunteer project
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LIBERIA: Sports Volunteer Project

If you are a sports lover, be a part of Go Volunteer Africa’s Liberia sports volunteer project. Teach and Coach Football, Basketball, board games or Swimming. In Liberia, we have a variety of volunteer sports [Read More]

Ghana Teaching Volunteer Project
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GHANA: Teaching Volunteer Project

The Ghana teaching volunteer project takes place in Accra. Through the Ghana teaching volunteer project, support is provided to orphaned children, street children and vulnerable children. Volunteering with Go Volunteer Africa in Ghana allows you [Read More]

Ghana Sports Coaching Volunteer Project
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GHANA: Sports Coaching Volunteer Project

Volunteer your skills to teach football, rugby, cricket, volleyball, basketball with Go Volunteer Africa’s Ghana sports coaching volunteer project.  If you love sport and adventure, this sports development volunteer program in Ghana, is the best [Read More]

Ghana Childcare volunteer project

GHANA: Childcare Volunteer Project

Discover the colorful culture of Ghana when you volunteer alongside local teachers and caretakers on our Ghana Childcare volunteer project. Your work will include conducting educational workshops and child development programs. Make a vital contribution to [Read More]

Ghana Volunteer Projects
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GHANA: Community Volunteer Program

Volunteer in Ghana with Go Volunteer Africa’s community development volunteer program. Ghana community volunteer program include construction and building, arts and culture projects, agriculture and urban farming, women and youth empowerment projects, environment conservation project [Read More]

organization looking for volunteers
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Do You Need Volunteers for Your Organization?

Go Volunteer Africa is in contact with hundreds of organizations which rely on volunteers to deliver humanitarian services across Africa. If you are an organization looking for volunteers or already involving volunteers, we can support [Read More]

Visit Malawi
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6 Reasons To Visit Malawi

Although Malawi is a small country relative to African standards, this is often its appeal as it welcomes those looking for a relaxing holiday in a beautifully unspoilt part of the world. It is well-known [Read More]

Malawi Travel Guide
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Malawi Travel Guide

Malawi travel guide, including Malawi travel experiences, tips for travel in Malawi, plus how to travel across Lake Malawi. Malawi is the ‘warm heart of Africa’: a sliver of a country hemmed in by Zambia, [Read More]

Senior Volunteering Africa
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Volunteering as a Senior in Africa

Jenny, a 62 -year-old retiree, lost her husband and she soon developed depression and was looking for a way to improve her situation by traveling away- a close friend hinted about a senior volunteering in [Read More]

Volunteering Opportunities Seniors Africa
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Volunteering Opportunities for Seniors in Africa

Go Volunteer Africa’s volunteering opportunities for seniors in Africa have no maximum age restriction. That means we have plenty of over 50s volunteering options available all across Africa. No experience or specific qualifications are required [Read More]

Volunteering Abroad In Egypt
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Volunteering In Egypt Guide

Volunteering abroad in Egypt with Go Volunteer Africa will offer the best and memorable volunteer experience of a lifetime. Egypt has a mystical history to say the least. Between its reigning pharaohs, the gold and [Read More]

Visit Zambia
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7 Reasons to Visit Zambia

Apart from Victoria Falls — the world’s largest waterfall — Zambia remains a mostly unknown entity even to more intrepid travelers. The natural beauty and wild landscapes of Zambia, combined with excellent big game viewing, [Read More]

Uganda Women Volunteer Project
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UGANDA: Women Volunteer Project

This Uganda women volunteer project has a number of initiatives that aim to transform the livelihoods of these poor women through education, economic empowerment and entrepreneurship. You will be working with and helping women aged [Read More]

Volunteer Programs in Kenya
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Kenya’s 5 Outstanding Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Programs in Kenya! Despite rapid economic growth, a large portion of Kenya’s population remains impoverished and in need of basic human necessities. 70% of the population still has limited access to housing and clean [Read More]