Affordable Volunteer Opportunities Kenya
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Affordable Volunteer Opportunities in Kenya

Go Volunteer Africa is a non-profit volunteer travel operator that offers affordable volunteer opportunities in Kenya with schools, hospital, and children care centers and also organizes safaris adventure trips in Kenya. Go Volunteer Africa also [Read More]

Volunteer in Kenya on a budget
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How To Volunteer in Kenya on a Budget

Volunteer in Kenya on a budget! Affordable volunteer abroad programs are the best way to experience meaningful travel opportunities when you are on a budget. Budget volunteer opportunities can make an impact as big as [Read More]

Family Volunteering Trips Africa
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Family Volunteering Trips Africa

Family volunteering trips offered by Go Volunteer Africa are more than a vacation. Volunteering in Africa as a family makes your bonds stronger, by not only visiting new places, but by also getting involved in [Read More]

Rwanda Family Volunteer Safaris
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RWANDA: Family Volunteer Safaris

If you’re looking to add meaning to your family Rwanda adventure, volunteering is a great way to do so. From week-long Rwanda family volunteer safaris countless culture immersion opportunities in Bugesera, Rwanda. Whether women empowerment [Read More]

Family Volunteer Projects Africa
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Family Volunteer Projects Africa

Volunteer in Africa with your family with an amazing life changing projects. If you are looking for a trip to volunteer in Africa with your family, Go Volunteer Africa offers a number of family volunteering [Read More]

Teaching Volunteer Program Zanzibar
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ZANZIBAR: Teaching Volunteer Work

Zanzibar teaching volunteer work is an enjoyable and satisfying experience where the volunteers get the opportunity to teach the students who eager to improve their conversational English skills and other subjects. Volunteers work primarily as [Read More]

Zanzibar Orphanage Volunteer Work

ZANZIBAR: Orphanage Volunteer Work

Planning to volunteer abroad with an orphanage or childcare program? Go Volunteer Africa offers Zanzibar orphanage volunteer work for individuals, couples, families, groups and students who love children to make great contribution and bring changes [Read More]

Zanzibar healthcare volunteering project
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ZANZIBAR: Healthcare Volunteering Project

Go Volunteer Africa specializes in offering medical volunteers meaningful internship placements and service learning experiences in Africa. Our Zanzibar healthcare volunteering project offers pre-med, nursing, and medical students and professionals valuable hands-on medical experience in [Read More]

best volunteer organization Africa
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Best Volunteer Organization in Africa

Go Volunteer Africa was chosen by volunteers as the best volunteer organization in Africa. Go Volunteer Africa allows you to give back to communities in Africa while exploring the amazing diversity and rich cultural history [Read More]

Family Volunteer Opportunities Africa
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6 Amazing Family Volunteer Opportunities Africa

Go Volunteer Africa, the leading and largest volunteer travel organization in Africa offers high-impact and fun family volunteer opportunities across Africa. Family vacations are turning to a new, more popular type of travel—volunteer trips abroad! [Read More]

Zanzibar Women Volunteer Work
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ZANZIBAR: Women Empowerment Volunteer Work

The Zanzibar women empowerment project focuses on women and children from the worst affected areas of the island. Zanzibar women empowerment volunteer work aims to develop a systematic approach to uplift the women in the [Read More]

Kenya Conservation Volunteer Project

KENYA: Conservation Volunteer Project

Kenya conservation volunteer project is the perfect volunteer project for anyone looking for a green-conservation project in Africa. The Kenya conservation volunteer program is also an incredible volunteer opportunity to protect the wildlife and to [Read More]

Kenya Construction Volunteer Project

KENYA: Construction Volunteer Project

The purpose of our Kenya construction volunteer project is not only to help build infrastructure but to also build lives. From renovating a rundown school or classroom to helping improve clean water access with safe [Read More]

Kenya Agriculture Volunteer Project

KENYA: Agriculture Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Kenya agriculture volunteer project focuses on economic and environmental sustainability, adequate farmer incomes, improved food security and social sustainability which important elements of developing countries’ agricultural development. Participants on our Kenya agriculture [Read More]

Kenya Music Volunteer Project
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KENYA: Arts & Music Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa is striving to enhance understanding and awareness of the diverse world to the children and youth of Kenya through arts and music project. Go Volunteer Africa is offering meaningful volunteering opportunities in [Read More]

Kenya Sports Volunteer Project
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KENYA: Sports Coaching Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Kenya sports coaching volunteer project has a wide range of sports coaching volunteer opportunities in Kenya, that can help you spread the word about physical activity.  Volunteers to get involved in our [Read More]

Kenya Community Volunteer Program
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KENYA: Community Volunteer Program

The Kenya community volunteer program with Go Volunteer Africa will not only provide you with a meaningful experience, but it will change your life positively forever. Community volunteer projects in Kenya are diverse and each [Read More]