Volunteering as a Senior in Africa

Senior Volunteering Africa

Jenny, a 62 -year-old retiree, lost her husband and she soon developed depression and was looking for a way to improve her situation by traveling away- a close friend hinted about a senior volunteering in Africa program. After looking at different available options, Jenny discovered Go Volunteer Africa.

Go Volunteer Africa organizes and offers volunteer holidays for over 50s+ but young-at-heart traveler. Our volunteer programs for seniors in Africa are designed to cater for senior and retired volunteers. With the organizational help of the Go Volunteer Africa, she got involved with community projects in Uganda and started helping refugee children and she got active and engaged. 

Senior Volunteering Africa

The opportunity gave her a chance to meet other senior travelers and she joined a memorable safari experience. “The program has allowed me to enjoy my life as I age, and I feel important when I can help these little angels (children) with small things that allow them to have fun and study” – Jenny said.

A senior volunteering Africa program organized by Go Volunteer Africa truly gave Jenny a new life. This is a common story for hundreds of seniors and retired people. But this doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to get involved in volunteering abroad especially as a senior or the benefits of doing so.


Volunteering abroad has its social, mental, and physical benefits for people of all ages. But these benefits truly reveal themselves for senior folks, who often have more times on their hands, are less physically active, and engage less with the communities and traveling than the average volunteer. According to research conducted by multiple outlets, volunteers live longer, and that’s because of a culmination of all the benefits we’re about to discuss.


Traveling: Volunteering abroad as a senior gives you an opportunity of traveling to a foreign country, meeting other like-minded age group and young people and this can make the participant more open-minded and emotionally stable. Travel keeps older adults moving and active, often providing more opportunities

Senior Volunteering Africa

Socially Beneficial: One of the biggest difficulties for senior people, especially after retirement, is staying social. Isolation occurs when seniors have little contact with adult children, other relatives, or friends. Volunteering can pull senior and older folks out of isolation, even if it’s only for a handful of hours a week.

Good for Your Mental Cognition: As we age, there’s an increase in the likelihood of someone developing cognitive issues, other memory loss issues, and motor function diseases. One thing that can help slow the advancements of these diseases is staying active and using your brain. Volunteering provides opportunities to keep conversation flowing, constantly stimulate the brain, and help overall cognitive functions stay active.

Senior Volunteering Africa

Helps Give Back to The Community: Just as it would feel good for any person, volunteering allows you to give back to the community. Something that may set a senior participant apart from any other individual is the wealth of knowledge they possess. Let’s say you spent 50 years feeding the poor while working for a nonprofit. You could then pass down generations of information to those looking to get into the nonprofit world at the volunteering level. This sense of giving isn’t limited to those who have worked a lifetime in a field, because senior volunteers can give back at youth camps, churches, and a slew of places where younger generations gather. You can even become a mentor to a young person simply by being around them, telling them stories, and teaching them about life.

Physically Engaging: Whether it’s helping build community gardens, or something in between, physical activity is vital for any person. Inactivity as you age can promote the advancement of heart issues, bone loss, joint pain, fat, and a slew of other health issues. Getting out and volunteering can help combat these issues.

Learn Something New: Volunteering is a great way to learn a new skill that your previous decades of work wouldn’t allow. For instance, maybe you had a passing interest in aquatics and sea life. You could volunteer at a marine conservation project to find out more information about animals you never knew about. All of this learning plays into the cognitive health benefits of volunteering we mentioned before. Volunteering is a great way to learn a new skill that your previous decades of work wouldn’t allow.


Now that we know why you should volunteer, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of the types of volunteering opportunities available. GVA Seniors Club offers volunteer opportunities across Africa for seniors and retirees, giving them an opportunity to get involved with communities.

Working with Orphanages & Children Centres: This gets you into the children’s centre in Africa and help staff in organizing meals, tutoring, and help deliver social services to children in need at the centre and outside the centre.

Become A Mentor at A Community Youth Center: Youth centers are great places for seniors to get involved in the senior volunteering in Africa program. It provides a place for them to stay engaged with communities in Africa while passing down knowledge to the youth, potentially steering kids in a positive educational and social directions.

Help at Community Health: Help communities in need around Africa that need aid with healthcare and education by joining a community healthcare outreach program.

Helping with Conservation: We run a tree planting and environment conservation program coupled with rain forest conservation. Get involved in our efforts to help in conserving of the environment, wildlife and marine life.

Other volunteer opportunities include:

  • Fundraising or selling items to raise money
  • Engaging in general labor, like helping build homes or clean up parks
  • Tutoring or teaching
  • Mentoring the youth
  • Collecting, making, or distributing clothing


This is the most important part of the process. Once a senior has decided they want to volunteer, it’s important to know how to get involved. Go Volunteer Africa exists on an international level for those who may want to inject travel into their volunteering experiences. Go Volunteer Africa is fully dedicated to getting people involved in Africa.

Go Volunteer Africa has volunteering opportunities all across Africa. We have a large database for opportunities within our organization. We have projects in all areas of interest in volunteering, including wildlife, sports and recreation, arts, and poverty eradication. There’s really an opportunity for everyone.

If you have a trade or skill to share, or a passion for learning – you can make a great impact in vulnerable youths’ lives when and where they need it most.  There are youth in every community that need people older than them to help lead them from adolescence to adulthood.

Sometimes, not everyone has family members who can do that, and even if they do, it’s always helpful to have an older, wiser person around. Go Volunteer Africa is an excellent way to get involved with advancing the youth of today.


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