Volunteering in Ghana! Go Volunteer Africa, the leading and largest volunteer travel organization in Africa welcomes you to Ghana. Ghana is one of the most popular volunteer travel destinations in Western Africa. Go Volunteer Africa arranges meaningful and affordable volunteer projects in Ghana.

Volunteering Ghana

Go Volunteer Africa is working to provide quality, meaningful and affordable volunteer travel opportunities in Ghana. We focus on semi-urban and rural communities of Ghana and working with disadvantaged children, youth and women, through provision of quality education, healthcare, access to clean water and community development projects.

Ghana Sports Coaching Volunteer Project

Volunteering in Ghana with our program is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. If you choose to do volunteer work at our orphanage, schools, youth center or just to be part of our outreaches, you need to be adaptable, flexible and prepared to face and hear heartbreaking stories of the people’s backgrounds.

Volunteer in Ghana

This Ghana volunteer program enables you to absorb the fascinating Ghanaian culture whilst sharing your knowledge and skills with the country. The Ghana volunteer projects will provide an unforgettable eye opening experience for a gap year, vacation, spring break or career break for groups, families and individual travelers.  Like no other country, Ghana represents the changing faces of recent African history.


  • Coach sports and games
  • Teach English languages
  • Take up a medical care job
  • Work with childcare projects
  • Work with our arts  and culture projects
  • Work with women empowerment projects
  • Get involved in our environment conservation project
  • Visit the numerous historic and geological sites of the region

Go Volunteer Africa is the top rated volunteer travel operator in Ghana. Our Ghana volunteer program allows you to combine meaningful volunteer projects with action-packed adventure travel into the ultimate life-changing experience. Go Volunteer Africa partners with several locally based indigenous projects in Ghana to offer volunteer experiences that truly meaningful, memorable and make a difference.

Volunteering in Ghana


Ghana, officially the Republic of Ghana, is a country in Western Africa. It abuts the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean to the south, sharing borders with Ivory Coast in the west, Burkina Faso in the north, and Togo in the east. Ghana covers an area of 239,535 km2 (92,485 sq mi), spanning diverse biomes that range from coastal savannas to tropical rainforests. With over 32 million inhabitants, Ghana is the second-most populous country in West Africa, after Nigeria. The capital and largest city is Accra; other major cities are Kumasi, Tamale, and Sekondi-Takoradi.

Volunteering in Ghana

Ghana is a multi-ethnic country with linguistic and religious groups; while the Akan are the largest ethnic group, they constitute a plurality. Most Ghanaians are Christians (71.3%); almost a fifth are Muslims; a tenth practice traditional faiths or report no religion. Suffused with the most incredible energy, Ghana is one of Africa’s biggest attractions, with welcoming beaches, gorgeous hinterland, diverse wildlife and vibrant cities.


In Ghana, poverty is increasingly concentrated in rural regions where most low-income families rely on cocoa farming for their livelihoods. Cocoa is the largest export crop in Ghana, and given its growing global demand, it holds significant potential for lifting many families out of extreme poverty. Ghana has made important strides over the last few decades in its economic development, serving as an example of progress in Western Africa.

Yet many families still live at (or just above) poverty lines, where one small setback like an unexpected health care costs or poor weather during the growing season can drive them back into poverty. Strengthening the agriculture sector, and ensuring their children have a good local school to attend, are essential for building upon the country’s progress.

Volunteer Africa Projects

Many of the Ghanaian families supported by Go Volunteer Africa are farmers who are working tirelessly to improve their crop yields and support their families. They rely on agriculture for their livelihoods, but they often struggle to earn enough to provide for their families or send their children to school.

Volunteering in Ghana

Go Volunteer Africa has been sending volunteers to Ghana since 2012. We aim to reduce poverty and improve on education, social services and healthcare for the vulnerable communities. Go Volunteer Africa’s volunteer opportunities in Ghana are for young people, students, families, couples and adults international volunteers who want to help to make a difference and give their free time and effort to local children and people with an ethical volunteering program.


Ghana Teaching Volunteer Project

GHANA: Teaching Volunteer Project

The Ghana teaching volunteer project takes place in Accra. Through the Ghana teaching volunteer project, support is provided to orphaned children, street children and vulnerable children. Volunteering with Go Volunteer Africa in Ghana allows you ...
Ghana Sports Coaching Volunteer Project

GHANA: Sports Coaching Volunteer Project

Volunteer your skills to teach football, rugby, cricket, volleyball, basketball with Go Volunteer Africa’s Ghana sports coaching volunteer project.  If you love sport and adventure, this sports development volunteer program in Ghana, is the best ...
Ghana Volunteer Projects

GHANA: Community Volunteer Program

Volunteer in Ghana with Go Volunteer Africa’s community development volunteer program. Ghana community volunteer program include construction and building, arts and culture projects, agriculture and urban farming, women and youth empowerment projects, environment conservation project ...
Ghana Childcare volunteer project

GHANA: Childcare Volunteer Project

Discover the colorful culture of Ghana when you volunteer alongside local teachers and caretakers on our Ghana Childcare volunteer project. Your work will include conducting educational workshops and child development programs. Make a vital contribution to ...


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