Zambia Medical Volunteer Project
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ZAMBIA: Medical Volunteer Project

If you are looking to gain medical work experience or would just like to help people consider applying for our Zambia medical volunteer project working to improve the healthcare condition in vulnerable communities in Zambia. [Read More]

Malawi medical volunteer project
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MALAWI: Medical Volunteer Project

Malawi medical volunteer project offers Pre-med, nursing, and medical students and professionals valuable hands-on medical experience in Malawi. Go Volunteer Africa has medical volunteer opportunities in the hospitals, community clinics and rural health posts. Medical [Read More]

Cameroon medical volunteer project
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CAMEROON: Medical Volunteer Project

Cameroon medical volunteer project is organized for medical students and professionals. Cameroon medical volunteer opportunities are available year-round  and they are suitable for pre-med, medical students, nursing students & professionals. Join our Cameroon medical volunteer [Read More]

Kenya Midwifery Volunteer Project
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KENYA: Midwifery Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa has organized a Kenya midwifery volunteer project in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Migori, Kakamega, Kalwe and Turkana. The midwife training volunteer opportunities are available in all the African countries where we place [Read More]

Zanzibar healthcare volunteering project
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ZANZIBAR: Healthcare Volunteering Project

Go Volunteer Africa specializes in offering medical volunteers meaningful internship placements and service learning experiences in Africa. Our Zanzibar healthcare volunteering project offers pre-med, nursing, and medical students and professionals valuable hands-on medical experience in [Read More]

Kenya Medical Volunteering Project
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KENYA: Medical Volunteering Project

Kenya medical volunteering project offers short and long term healthcare volunteer placements in hospitals, clinics, outreach centres and slum community projects in Kakamega, Eldoret, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kajiado areas. Placements are available in areas of [Read More]

Tanzania medical volunteering project
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TANZANIA: Medical Volunteering Project

Our Tanzania medical volunteering project is suitable for medical professionals or students looking for a medical volunteer program in Tanzania, Go Volunteer Africa offers unique medical and healthcare opportunities in Tanzania and internship opportunities to [Read More]

Uganda Medical Volunteer Project

UGANDA: Medical Volunteer Project

The Uganda Medical volunteer project offers skilled medical professionals with the chance to experience a new culture and working environment, while learning and developing their specialized medical knowledge. The Uganda medical volunteer project run by [Read More]