Volunteering in Tanzania is one the top rated adventure travel programs in Africa. Go Volunteer Africa allows you to combine meaningful volunteering projects with action-packed safaris into the ultimate life-changing experience.

Extending over 945,166km2, Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean. Neighboring countries include BurundiDemocratic Republic of the CongoKenyaMalawiMozambiqueRwandaUganda, and Zambia. The geography of Tanzania is varied with Lake Victoria in the west, mountains in the northeast and coastal plains.

Experience the best of Tanzania on our volunteer and travel program. With a vast variety of volunteer projects in Tanzania, you will always find a volunteer placement that matches your needs. Our volunteers work in orphanage, teaching, medical, construction, day care centers, sports coaching around Tanzania from 1 week to 24 weeks in duration.

Tanzania is a land of rolling plains, dramatic mountain ranges, great lakes and pristine white sandy beaches. There is simply no other African country – perhaps no other place in the world – that possesses a natural variety and largesse comparable to Tanzania.

Go Volunteer Africa is committed to provide you with affordable and truly amazing volunteering in Tanzania experience. Come join our meaningful and extremely low-cost volunteer Tanzania opportunities and change the way you see the world!

Safaris in Tanzania - Mt. Kilimanjaro
Safaris in Tanzania – Mt. Kilimanjaro

Why Volunteer in Tanzania?

Approximately 68 per cent of Tanzania’s 44.9 million citizens live below the poverty line of $1.25 a day. 32 per cent of the population are malnourished. The most prominent challenges Tanzania faces in poverty reduction are unsustainable harvesting of its natural resources, unchecked cultivation, climate change and water- source encroachment, according to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Although Tanzania has made some progress towards reducing extreme hunger and malnutrition. Children in rural areas suffer substantially higher rates of malnutrition and chronic hunger, although urban-rural disparities have narrowed as regards both stunting and underweight. Low rural sector productivity arises mainly from inadequate infrastructure investment; limited access to farm inputs, extension services and credit; limited technology as well as trade and marketing support; and heavy dependence on rain-fed agriculture and natural resources.

The Tanzanian economy is heavily based on agriculture, which in 2013 accounted for 24.5 per cent of gross domestic product and accounted for half of the employed workforce. Tanzania’s economy relies on farming, but climate change has impacted their farming.

Go Volunteer Africa enables people from around the world to share their skills and expertise with needy communities of Tanzania. We facilitate volunteer placements in Tanzania for individual solo travelers and groups,  and we can secure the placement within two days of receiving your inquiry. Our Tanzania volunteer program will either utilize the skills you hold already or give you an opportunity to learn new skills.

Go Volunteer Africa works closely with each volunteer to ensure comprehensive preparation, including both an understanding of the people with whom you will be working, and all considerations necessary for travel to Africa. Book your volunteer trip to our Tanzania Volunteer Program right now!

***Taking time out to volunteer in Tanzania remains one of the best things that you can do on a gap year, summer holiday, family vacation or career break. Not only will you be helping people, animals, environment and working with communities that need and appreciate your help, you will also grow as a person.***


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