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Go Volunteer Africa is the largest, leading and most successful volunteer & travel organization in Africa. We support organizations in Africa to recruit volunteers and secure vital help like funding for their projects. Our bespoke recruitment process ensures we fully understand the needs of your organization and specifications of the roles you’re looking to recruit for.

We recruit volunteers and interns for a wide variety of non-profit organizations and projects in Africa. We work with these projects and their Volunteer Coordinators, providing them with information and advice on all aspects of volunteering, recruitment & management.

If you are involved with a meaningful development project in Africa like an NGO or CBO, school or any social enterprise that needs volunteers’ support, then Go Volunteer Africa is here to help you. Go Volunteer Africa is committed to helping projects and organizations in Africa who work with, or would like to work with volunteers.

We are always looking for new partners to work with! If you are interested in partnering with Go Volunteer Africa, please see below for more information.


Go Volunteer Africa is here to support you with involving volunteers. There can be real magic when volunteering is well managed, with everyone benefiting. We’re here to help you find volunteers, support you with good practice and link you in to the network of international support.

We love visiting local organizations to put faces to names and see first-hand how volunteers could help build the capacity of your organization, so if we haven’t met before, please get in touch to arrange a meeting. If you’re currently looking for volunteers, read on and fill partnership application form and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours!


To all the organizations that Go Volunteer Africa works with, volunteers are an added value, never an essential part of the organization. Volunteers provide support, knowledge, time, energy and extras like personal attention but they are never indispensable. This way we prevent an organization from becoming dependent on international volunteers’ support as we want our partners to remain independent and strong without our support.


Go Volunteer Africa carefully selects which volunteers we send to our partners. With an application and selection procedure that is specific to each partner and in which they have final say, we make sure that only those who are suitable are able to volunteer with us. In addition to this, Go Volunteer Africa makes sure volunteers are well prepared for their trip, so that they arrive at the partner with accurate expectations and knowing what their role is.


Our relationship with our partners, the volunteer programs they run and the volunteers we send, are regularly evaluated, both by Go Volunteer Africa and our partners. This way we ensure our work and that of our volunteers, continues to benefit the work our partners carry out.

Financial contributions we make to our partners’ work are also checked meticulously. Every grant that is made is evaluated thoroughly, so that both Go Volunteer Africa and the partner organization can run for a next grant.


We supports partners in several ways:


  • Starting and running a volunteer program: all of our partners work with international volunteers. Go Volunteer Africa offers support in starting a program, setting it up and running it.
  • Sending volunteers: Go Volunteer Africa raises volunteers in several countries from all around the world and links them to our partners’ programs.
  • Funding: Go Volunteer Africa funds projects run by our partners, based on grant applications. Most of our funds are raised by volunteers, before or after they join a partner program.


When partnering with Go Volunteer Africa, you can expect certain things from us. We have summarized them below.


Within an equal partnership, each partner has something to offer. Here is what Go Volunteer Africa offers her partners:


  1. We are a solid partner that is committed to making the world a better place. We are operated by people who feel the same commitment and who work enthusiastically to making this vision come true
  1. Go Volunteer Africa can help you in setting up a volunteer program, if necessary. Even though the program is and stays yours, we have a lot of experience in setting up programs like this, and we can offer this knowledge when setting up a program.
  1. We provide a constant influx of motivated, enthusiastic volunteers to participate in your program. Volunteers sent through Go Volunteer Africa are selected and well prepared, according to your program’s needs. For certain tasks, volunteers with specific skills can be found.


However, Go Volunteer Africa does not give any guarantees as to the number of volunteers raised. We feel this should not be a problem if our partners are not dependent on volunteers. Even though we try our best to fill available posts, guarantees are impossible to give.


  1. Go Volunteer Africa has several media in place for you to communicate with volunteers and us. We have a have links dedicated to our partners and face-book page is our main online meeting point for volunteers, partners and others interested in our work, and we encourage our partners to stay in touch through these platforms.
  1. Go Volunteer Africa’s Head of Operations is responsible for our partners and volunteers. This person is the main contact for all our partners, and is available for questions, to discuss issues or when an emergency arises. S/He also visits each of the partners in the countries on a yearly basis.
  1. Go Volunteer Africa offers support to its partners by supplying grants. The majority of funds made available through Go Volunteer Africa come from volunteers raising money. Parts of these funds are sent to our partners during a volunteer’s stay, so s/he can experience directly how money s/he raised benefits the organization.

In addition to all this, an important part of Go Volunteer Africa’s work is engaging more people in development work in general. Even though this is not very tangible and may not seem to benefit our partners directly, we do create a setting that benefits our partners and others in the long run and on a much larger scale.


Go Volunteer Africa works with locally run organizations in Africa. They are all NGOs, NPOs or CBOs, with a focus on social development. They include clinics, community centers, child care centers, educational projects and organizations working for specifically vulnerable groups in society, like street children or sexually abused children.


We have summarized the requirements we ask our partners to meet below.


In return for what we offer, Go Volunteer Africa also expects certain things of a partner: a number of general requirements for Go Volunteer Africa to be able to have a partnership at all, and a number of things related to a volunteer program


Before considering a partnership, the following requirements must be met:


  1. The organization is a registered non-profit and/or non-governmental organization (NPO/NGO) working in Africa.
  1. The organization has a mission that is aimed at supporting vulnerable or underprivileged groups of children or adults.
  1. The organization is able to offer volunteers an experience in which they work with these groups and other local people directly and in a way that promotes interaction, learning from each other and exchanging ideas.
  1. The organization is able to offer volunteers the possibility to make a visible, even if small, difference in the lives of children or adults that the organization supports.
  1. The organization is self-supporting and is properly managed by capable staff.
  1. The organization has an annual report and financial report on the previous year that is available to Go Volunteer Africa on request. In addition to this, the organization is willing to be transparent to Go Volunteer Africa about its finances, as will be the case vice versa.
  1. The organization subscribes to our program with an annual registration fees


Each organization interested in working with us will need to pay a annual Registration Fee for for the right category your projects belongs. Take a look at our subscription costs.


Please note this subscription fees helps us to cover up our administration costs, like site visiting for verifications and compilation of promotional materials. For details on how to make subscription payments, please click here


If you have any further questions on how to partner with us and start receiving volunteers and grants support, please contact us.




Subscription (USD)



Small projects / Community Based Organizations




National Organizations/NGOs/ Big Projects




Christian orgs/Churches/Ministries



Sister- Schools

Connect & link to international schools




Tours, Safari companies & hotels (deals promotion)




Groups/Workcamps (volunteer groups)



For the volunteer program, the requirements below apply. When setting up a volunteer program, Go Volunteer Africa is able to assist you with most of the items below.

  1. The organization has a volunteer coordinator (Counterpart) – someone that coaches the volunteers during their experience. The coordinator prepares the volunteers for their work, has regular meetings with them to evaluate the progress of their work and is the contact person for the volunteers in case of problems.
  1. The organization has a volunteer program – a well-defined program that has clear objectives and activities for the volunteers. Part of the program needs to be an introduction/preparation, to make sure volunteers will make the best use of their time at the program.
  1. The program includes accommodation for the volunteers. This accommodation may be basic, but at least offers cooking facilities, proper sanitary facilities, sleeping facilities and space to relax.
  1. The program includes transport for the volunteers: to transport them to and from the airport, between the accommodation and the work place (if applicable) and to transport them in case of an emergency
  1. The organization has emergency services in place: a plan for cases of emergency, so that volunteers can be transported to a hospital when the need arises.
  1. The program offers volunteers facilities to keep in touch with Go Volunteer Africa and home. The organization is also able to communicate with Go Volunteer Africa directly and is willing to provide regular news and updates about their work.
  2. The organization acknowledges the fact that Go Volunteer Africa’s mission is to involve as many people as possible in development work and issues, and that the volunteer program is an essential part in that mission. The organization has a part in helping Go Volunteer Africa reach this goal, by offering volunteers an experience that will encourage them to share once they are back home.

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