Volunteering Mauritania

Volunteering Mauritania

Volunteering Mauritania! Go Volunteer Africa, the leading and largest volunteer travel organization welcomes you to Mauritania. Geographically part of the Maghreb, Mauritania is a land about desert and ocean. It is of course no wonder that the main attractions for most tourists are the desert in Adrar and the Tagant areas (around Atar), and the ocean in Banc d’Arguin (a natural reserve with dunes ending in the sea, full of millions of birds and protected by UNESCO).

Volunteering in Mauritania is becoming easier, with Go Volunteer Africa’s volunteer travel program. Starting 2024 Go Volunteer Africa will be offering a number of volunteer opportunities in Mauritania.

Volunteering Mauritania


Mauritania, officially the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, is a sovereign state in Northwest Africa. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Western Sahara to the north and northwest, Algeria to the northeast, Mali to the east and southeast, and Senegal to the southwest. Mauritania is the eleventh largest country in Africa, and 90 percent of its territory is situated in the Sahara. Most of its population of 4.4 million lives in the temperate south of the country, with roughly one third concentrated in the capital and largest city, Nouakchott, located on the Atlantic coast.

Mauritania is culturally and politically part of the Arab world: it is a member of the Arab League and Arabic is the sole official language. Reflecting its colonial heritage, French is widely spoken and serves as a lingua franca. The official religion is Islam, and almost all inhabitants are Sunni Muslims. Despite its prevailing Arab identity, Mauritanian society is multiethnic: the Bidhan, or so-called “white moors”, make up 30 percent of the population, while the Haratin, or so-called “black moors”, comprise 40 percent. Both groups reflect a fusion of Arab-Berber ethnicity, language, and culture. The remaining 30 percent of the population comprises various sub-Saharan ethnic groups.

  • CAPITAL: Nouakchott
  • DAILING CODE: +222
  • MONEY: Ouguiya (MRO)
  • POPULATION: 4,005,475 (approx)
  • COUNTRY SIZE: 1,030,700 sq km
  • OFFICIAL NAME: Islamic Republic of Mauritania
  • LANGUAGE: Hassaniya Arabic (official), Wolof (official), French


There are currently no openings for volunteering in Mauritania. New volunteer projects will be announced here when available. We are not accepting volunteers at the moment for this destination and it’s not available as choice in our volunteer application form.

If you have any questions about volunteering in Mauritania, simply Make an inquiry here and we will guide! If you are running, know or involved with a meaningful development project in Mauritania that needs volunteers’ support, then Go Volunteer Africa is here to help them, visit our host volunteers page.