Top 6 reasons to Visit Senegal

Visit Senegal

From the beautiful women with their multicolored dresses with  warm smiles, to the cheerful exuberance of typical African market life, to the bustling daily routine in the busy streets, the welcome in Senegal is always warm.

In Senegal, anytime is dancing time, night or day. If you hear the sound of the tam tam (drum) coming from one of the many ceremonies, be prepared to be pulled in to participate in the merrymaking. Experience the daily life of friendly village people, including the spectacle of the fishermen returning to shore and the drying and distribution of the days catch.

Senegal is defined by a diverse range of characteristics, spanning everything from long, sandy beaches to an abundance of wildlife.  Spending a few nights or a longer break in Senegal will provide you with ample time to absorb the best this country has to offer, whether you opt for the stunning beaches in Senegal’s Casamance region.

For a little more inspiration and information, we’ve listed six of our favourite things about Senegal below, and we’re sure they’ll be enough to convince you to visit Senegal. For business, for vacation, to discover your heritage, or just for the pleasure of it, visit Senegal.

1. The Beaches

Wide, golden sand beaches are a common theme of Senegal’s coastline, particularly in Saly, La Somone and Casamance. In Casamance in particular, you’ll encounter long stretches of deserted sand, all paired with a verdant backdrop of palm trees and rice paddies, presenting a paradisiacal and serene escape.

2. The wildlife

From fantastic birdwatching itineraries to safari experiences in wildlife-rich reserves, Senegal presents some great opportunities for those hoping to spot some African wildlife. Fathala Wildlife Reserve is arguably the best and most famous place when you visit Senegal for wildlife encounters, home to many reintroduced species such as zebra and giraffe, all to be discovered amid a luxury safari setting. Alternatively, Bandia Nature Reserve is easily accessible for a day trip when you visit Senegal.

3. The cuisine

 When you visit Senegal, you’ll discover many dishes (and wines) defined by the country’s French influence. In terms of traditional fare, thiéboudienne is considered the national dish, consisting of fresh fish, dried fish, garlic and tomato purée, and countless fresh vegetables, served with rice.

4. The great range of accommodation

From luxurious safari tents and beachside lodges, to 5-star hotels and peaceful hideaway bungalows, there’s a great range of choice when it comes to booking your chosen Senegal accommodation. Spread across the Sine Saloum South, Saly and La Somone, and Casamance areas, you’ll also find ample choice across each of Senegal’s most popular holiday destinations. 

5. The culture

Senegal’s French-influenced character and identity blends beautifully with a typical West African way of life. The warm welcome of this African coast remains, while you’ll also find plenty of interesting historical tales embedded in Senegal’s identity, from the Portuguese influence of the 15th century, to the lasting scars of the slave trade. Due to international influences through the busy city of Dakar, service levels and professionalism are strong features in our hotels.

6. Volunteer in Senegal

Go Volunteer Africa the leading volunteer and travel organization in Africa, offers volunteer work, gapyear, cross-culture exchange, humanitarian aid and rural-development projects in Senegal. The volunteering opportunities in Senegal offered are affordable and each provide a very meaningful and life-changing experience.


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