Family Volunteering Trips Africa

Family Volunteering Trips Africa

Family volunteering trips offered by Go Volunteer Africa are more than a vacation. Volunteering in Africa as a family makes your bonds stronger, by not only visiting new places, but by also getting involved in humanitarian activities together, at a new place and among new people with cultures different to yours.

Highlights for our Family Volunteering Trips Africa

  • Super-affordable price and value
  • Popular professional programs
  • Flexible schedules with free time to explore
  • Provide much-needed assistance

Family volunteering trips Africa

Go Volunteer Africa’s family volunteering trips Africa offers a great opportunity to immerse your family in a different culture and language, that will change how your children perceive their own lives. Volunteering with your family allows you to change lives whilst enhancing your own.

Expand the mind and open the hearts of each family member with our unique Africa volunteering opportunities and instill the importance of responsible travel and philanthropy, whilst also building deeper bonds through important family teamwork.

Plan a trip to Africa with a difference and make travel exciting and rewarding for the whole family, no matter what age you are; our volunteering experiences can bridge the gap between generations and bring you all closer together and giving memories of a lifetime.

Why your family should join our volunteering trips to Africa

Family volunteering trips is a unique alternative to normal family travel vacations, because it lets everyone work as a team to improve others’ lives, as your children discover new worlds from the residents’ point of view.

Family volunteering trips Africa

Family members will also discover new sides of everyone else during the volunteering experience. The children will also learn to respect charitable service and exercise language skills while discovering cultural differences and unique traditions of unique people. Volunteering work will teach them flexibility, endurance and acceptance of new customs and principles.

Projects and Destinations for Family Volunteering Trips Africa

Go Volunteer Africa offers family volunteer opportunities in over 10 countries in Africa with carefully selected projects for your safety and memorable experience. Our most popular family volunteering projects are childcare and orphanage support programs.

Family volunteering trips Africa

Teaching English, organizing games and sports, music, dance and drama activities are some of the projects families can get involved with while in Africa. You can choose to volunteer with your family in  Tanzania, ZanzibarRwandaKenyaUgandaZambiaSierra LeoneSenegalTogo.

Go Volunteer Africa also offers wildlife conservation volunteer work to families. Treat the animal lovers in your family to this unique opportunity. We work with wildlife sanctuaries that rehabilitate and care for rescued and injured wild animals.

Family volunteering trips Africa

Family Volunteer Opportunities Africa

Our local teams make sure that your family experience every stage of your volunteering trip to Africa together. You’ll sleep, eat and work on the same volunteer project as a team. Based on ages and physical abilities, some family members may participate in various ways. This will be a learning experience for your children as everyone serves the needy as a unit. They’ll make discoveries about themselves, your family and how they can give to the world.

Volunteer Opportunities for Families Africa


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