Volunteering Benin

Volunteering Benin

Volunteering Benin! Go Volunteer Africa, the leading and largest volunteer travel organization welcomes you to Benin. Benin, a French-speaking West African nation, is a birthplace of the vodun (or “voodoo”) religion and home to the former Dahomey Kingdom from circa 1600–1900.

Volunteering Benin


Benin, officially the Republic of Benin and formerly known as Dahomey, is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Togo to the west, Nigeria to the east, Burkina Faso to the north-west, and Niger to the north-east. The majority of its population lives on the small southern coastline of the Bight of Benin, part of the Gulf of Guinea in the northernmost tropical portion of the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Benin is Porto-Novo, but the seat of government is in Cotonou, the country’s largest city and economic capital.

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Benin covers an area of 114,763 square kilometers (44,310 sq mi) and its population in 2018 was estimated to be approximately 11.49 million. Benin is a tropical nation, highly dependent on agriculture, and is a large exporter of palm oil and cotton. Substantial employment and income arise from subsistence farming.

The official language of Benin is French, with several indigenous languages such as Fon, Bariba, Yoruba and Dendi also being commonly spoken. The largest religious group in Benin is Roman Catholicism, followed closely by Islam, Vodun (commonly referred to as Voodoo outside the country) and Protestantism.

  • LANGUAGE: French
  • CAPITAL: Porto-Novo
  • DAILING CODE: +229
  • COUNTRY SIZE: 114,763 sq km
  • MONEY: West African CFA franc
  • POPULATION: 11,490,286 (approx)
  • OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Benin

Volunteering Benin


There are currently no openings for volunteering in Benin. New volunteer projects will be announced here when available. We are not accepting volunteers at the moment for this destination and it’s not available as choice in our volunteer application form.

If you have any questions about volunteering in Benin, simply Make an inquiry here and we will guide! If you are running, know or involved with a meaningful development project in Benin that needs volunteers’ support, then Go Volunteer Africa is here to help them, visit our host volunteers page.