GVA Foundation Africa is an international organization that focuses on the sustainable social development of the most vulnerable communities in Africa.

The organization works through a network of country liaisons throughout Africa.  We deploy teams of volunteers often working in the fields of education, clean water development, agriculture and refugees’ crisis across Africa.

GVA Foundation Africa also serves as a consultant to the UN on their clean water and sanitation agenda. GVA Foundation Africa’s four primary programs include, GVA Refugees Fund, GVA Clean Water Fund, GVA Education Fund and GVA Agriculture Fund.

GVA Foundation Africa is represented throughout Africa through our liaison networks. We do provide financial grants to organizations and entities involved in similar work of promoting sustainable social development throughout the African region.

In addition to financial grants, GVA Foundation Africa also oversees several projects with partner organizations relating to improved access and quality of clean water, education, agriculture empowerment and supporting refugees across Africa.

MISSION: Creating lasting solutions to improve education and clean water sources, promote agriculture, and expand economic and social opportunities for refugees.


Water For Education Projects

Water For Education Projects – Uganda Program

Education is critical for breaking the cycle of poverty and yet over half of the...