10 Interesting Facts about Togo

Interesting facts about Togo

Interesting Facts about Togo! Many people have never considered travel to Togo because they have never heard about it. They don’t even know where Togo is on the world map. They even wonder whether Togo is safe for travel!

For many soccer lovers and followers, Togo is the home for Emmanuel Adebayor! Yes, that footballer who previously played for English clubs Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Crystal Palace, as well as French side Metz, Monégasque team Monaco, Spanish team Real Madrid, Turkish clubs İstanbul Başakşehir and Kayserispor, and Paraguay’s Club Olimpia.

Where is Togo? The Togolese Republic is situated in West Africa, bordering Burkina Faso, Benin, and Ghana. The largest city and capital of Togo is the city of Lomé. You can fly to Togo airport from Istanbul, Addis Ababa, and Paris via different airlines.

Many interesting facts about Togo are unknown, and people mistakenly believe that it is not safe to travel to this beautiful West African country. In this article, we will talk about the things that you should know before travelling to Togo and we shall cover the 10 Interesting Facts about Togo. We will mainly elaborate on the reasons why you should choose Togo as your next travel destination. 


There are several kinds of vaccination required for travel to Togo. The World Health Organization recommends hepatitis B, cholera, chickenpox, meningitis, influenza, pneumonia, and yellow fever vaccinations before travelling to Togo. You can get detailed information about vaccinations in the embassy of Togo in your country. When you arrive at Togo airport, the officials will ask about the vaccinations. It is essential to get vaccinated as the vaccinations will protect you from a myriad of diseases and ensure your safety during your travel.


The official language in Togo is French. One of the interesting facts about Togo is that people will understand English and talk to you, although the schools do not teach English. As people want to make Togo more tourism-friendly, they improve their English skills and try to communicate with foreigners. It would be better to learn some basic phrases, sentences, and words in French before visiting Togo. It is worth noting that in shops and restaurants, people will understand English.


Lomé is a highly dynamic city that develops economically and socially at an increasing pace. The growing capital of Togo has a promising future because its administration solves the socio-economic issues of the city effectively. Lomé is home to fascinating food markets, clothing stores, a friendly society, and modern infrastructure. While wandering around the city, you will enjoy watching the musical performances of street musicians. Also, you can try delicious street food in Lomé streets. Alluring museums and ancient architecture give a lot of information about the country’s colonial history. Thanks to museums, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about Togo. Lomé also has magnificent beaches with pristine white sand and warm tropical water. The capital city of Togo is full of wonders, and there are dozens of tourist attractions that you should explore.


Tourism agencies arrange fishing trips to villages with great lakes. The local people of Togo enjoy fishing and cooking in groups together with families. Villagers are very tourist-friendly and will welcome you very positively. If you have basic French, you will communicate with them very conveniently. They will most probably offer you fishing tools. Also, you can get fishing tools from the local stores and the hotel where you stay. Fishing is an ancient traditional sport of the people of Togo. Many villagers make their living by fishing various species and selling them in the market. Overall, you will have a fun time during the fishing trip. You will have a chance to communicate with local people, share food with them, and learn more about the culture and traditions of Togo.

Interesting facts about Togo


Hiking is one of the most well-known tourist activities in Togo. The nature of Togo is very suitable for long hours of hiking. You will need solid hiking shoes and durable clothes in order to feel comfortable during the hike. The surface and stones of the mountains can be slippery on rainy days. If you take all the necessary measures and wear high-quality shoes, hiking will be great fun for you. You can hike up Togo’s highest point, which is Mount Agou. While hiking, you will admire Togo`s most picturesque and scenic tropical views. Rainforests will seem marvelous from far away. All in all, hiking is a must-have experience during your time in Togo.


If you are fond of shopping during your travels, Togo is a great tourist destination for you! In central Togo, there is a famous market place called Grand Marche. You can find products from almost all categories, such as electronics, clothes, groceries, furniture, shoes, etc. All in one! Many tourists find Grand Marche very funny because of its market structure that includes all kinds of goods. Prices in Grand Marche are very affordable. You should definitely get some locally made Togo products. In stores, imported foreign products are also sold. You can buy clothes, shoes, and bags of well-known luxurious brands at Grand Marche.

Interesting facts about Togo


If you keep wondering what are some good things about Togo, well, lake sports are among the best! Lake Togo is a huge water area that is home to a myriad of tropical fish and other colorful species. If you are fond of lake fishing, Lake Togo is the perfect spot to relax! Tourism agencies and hotels organize fishing and walking tours around Lake Togo that you can join. Tour guides will tell some facts about Togo Lake and the architecture of its surroundings. You also enjoy other water sport activities such as canoe sailing and game fishing around Lake Togo.


Local Togolese people enjoy preparing traditional meals with uniquely rich and flavorsome content. Grilled Togo Chicken has a special recipe that includes red palm oil, ginger, peppers, and garlic. Gboma dessi is another traditional food prepared with spicy beef. Djenkoume is basically cornmeal cakes mixed with Togolese tomatoes and served after dinner. Last but not least, Ablo is the name of a special Togolese bread offered alongside the main meal. Local people of Togo prepare these meals on special days and enjoy eating with family members and guests. Tasting delicious Togolese meals is a must-have experience at least once in a lifetime. You can also try Togolese cuisine in local cafes and restaurants. The prices at restaurants are pretty affordable.

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Togo is home to fine tropical beaches with pristine white sands and pure warm water. Tall palm trees and calm waves are typical of Togo beaches. Most beaches in Togo are public and do not require entrance or service fees. You can have great fun while swimming, surfing, and diving in the crystal-clear water of the Atlantic Ocean. You will admire scenic tropical views while relaxing on Togo beaches. During the sunset, the color of the ocean water will turn into dark blue, creating an amazing view.


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Interesting facts about Togo


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