As childcare and orphanage program volunteer in Africa, you will have to play a significant role by providing the children with proper care, love and warmth. You can also help daycare, orphanage and school staff in daily jobs such as feeding, cleaning, clothing, teaching and playing games with the children.

Our Childcare and Orphanage Volunteer program across Africa focuses on providing children with a healthy learning environment through interactive games and stories. Volunteers will also be involved in various games and learning exercises to create interest in developing the children’s physical health and potential.

Togo Childcare Volunteer Program

Work with rural, urban, semi-urban and slum schools, teaching English, French, German and Math, provide an education to these schools and children and give them a future. Many of children will want to learn many things from you; you are of course welcome to get to know them. Many smiles waiting ahead

Childcare & Orphanage Volunteers in Africa provide vital help to the efforts of the local staff and in return, the local staff will be on hand to assist you throughout your placement, and their experience is invaluable in helping volunteers plan their sessions.

Kenya Childcare Volunteer Project

There are many private schools, orphanages and children centers that we work with across Africa that educate, house and feed needy children and orphans. You can teach primary classes, including academic subjects and life skills, and organize sport and art activities for the children. Let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll get you into the best placement. Choose your perfect placement and destination below.


Tanzania Childcare Volunteer Work

TANZANIA: Childcare Volunteer Work

Go Volunteer Africa’s Tanzania childcare volunteer work provides to people of all backgrounds and ages an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate orphaned and vulnerable children. Your main role ...
Tanzania Childcare Volunteer Work

ZIMBABWE: Childcare Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Zimbabwe childcare volunteer project supports children who are orphaned and needy due to loss of their parents/ guardians to diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer and hence leading them to fend for themselves at ...
Liberia Childcare Volunteer Project

LIBERIA: Childcare Volunteer Project

As participant in our Liberia childcare volunteer project, you will have to play a significant role by providing the children with proper care, love and warmth. You can also help daycare, orphanage and school staff ...
Ghana Childcare volunteer project

GHANA: Childcare Volunteer Project

Discover the colorful culture of Ghana when you volunteer alongside local teachers and caretakers on our Ghana Childcare volunteer project. Your work will include conducting educational workshops and child development programs. Make a vital contribution to ...
Uganda Childcare Volunteer Project

UGANDA: Childcare Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Uganda childcare volunteer project offer needy kids the love and parental care in our children homes. Come and volunteer, spend time with the children. Show them that love and give them support. ...
Kenya Orphanage Volunteer Project

KENYA: Orphanage Volunteer Project

The Kenya orphanage volunteer project run by Go Volunteer Africa is offered in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kakamega counties. The participants will work with children at one of the children’s homes in the mentioned communities supported ...
Kenya Childcare Volunteer Project

KENYA: Childcare Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Kenya childcare volunteer project offers an opportunity to volunteers to support the needy kids through love and parental care. Most of the children are traumatized by the incidences that occurred and it ...
Cameroon childcare volunteer project

CAMEROON: Childcare Volunteer Project

As volunteer participating on our Cameroon childcare volunteer project, you will have to play a significant role by providing the children with proper care, love and warmth. You can also help daycare center and school ...
Malawi Childcare Volunteer Project

MALAWI: Childcare Volunteer Project

Volunteer with children in our Malawi Childcare Volunteer Project and support the work of local teachers and caregivers at daycare centers or special needs homes in Malawi. You’ll focus on early childhood development, and improving ...
Eswatini Childcare Volunteer Project

ESWATINI: Childcare Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Eswatini Childcare volunteer project will see you working alongside fellow volunteers and local staff in a community run day care centre and kindergarten in Eswatini. If you’re someone who loves working with ...
Zanzibar Orphanage Volunteer Work

ZANZIBAR: Orphanage Volunteer Work

Planning to volunteer abroad with an orphanage or childcare program? Go Volunteer Africa offers Zanzibar orphanage volunteer work for individuals, couples, families, groups and students who love children to make great contribution and bring changes ...
Sierra Leone Childcare Volunteer project

SIERRA LEONE: Childcare Volunteer Project

Sierra Leone Childcare Volunteer project is the project run in collaboration with children’s centers and homes in Freetown and Bo in Sierra Leone. Caring for the children from underprivileged communities and helping them with Basic ...
Togo Childcare Volunteer Program

TOGO: Childcare Volunteer Program

If you’re looking for a rewarding childcare or orphanage support volunteer experience, look no further than Go Volunteer Africa’s Togo childcare volunteer program. We are accepting volunteers to join our Togo childcare volunteer program all ...


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