Rwanda Summer Volunteer Program

Rwanda Summer Volunteer Program

The Rwanda Summer Volunteer Program organized by Go Volunteer Africa offers total positive life changing experience. Go Volunteer Africa’s Rwanda summer volunteer projects gives you an opportunity to explore this beautiful country and to engage in the most spectacular natural, cultural, and sustainable ways.

Rwanda (East Africa) is among our top most popular summer volunteering holiday destination in Africa. Go Volunteer Africa, the leading volunteer and travel organization in Africa offers a number of meaningful summer volunteer opportunities in this tiny little country of Rwanda.

Go Volunteer Africa provides unique opportunities to get involved in a number of volunteer development projects in Rwanda during your summer volunteering placement. The projects offered include: Teaching Projects, Childcare projects, sports & games coaching, Eco-Agriculture Conservation, women empowerment and youth support projects.

Rwanda has long been seen as the premiere destination for gorilla trekking, but today more than ever there are dozens of reasons to extend your stay in Rwanda with Go Volunteer Africa. With its varied ecosystems and abundance of wildlife and unique culture, Rwanda offers many to explore the country and immerse yourself into the culture.

Volunteer Program in Rwanda

From hiking volcanoes, to gorilla trekking to camping and kayaking….. Rwanda can offer you the perfect summer vacation in Africa. Our Rwanda summer volunteer program is designed for high school/ college students, gap year travelers, backpackers, families and solo travelers.


An important goal of Go Volunteer Africa is to help people get directly involved in making positive change. Go Volunteer Africa welcomes anyone who comes with a kind heart, open mind and sharing attitude. Go Volunteer Africa is supported by a network of volunteers that visit the projects and provide help and support. Volunteering is a great experience which makes a positive impact on the lives of all parties involved.

Teaching in Rwanda

The children and the general public served absolutely love meeting new people and their sweet personalities will almost certainly put a smile in your heart. The Rwanda summer volunteer program is such a wonderful experience; you have the opportunity to teach and learn at the same time!

About Rwanda:

Rwanda is beautiful and very attractive! Its colorful culture speaks volumes of what lies underneath its beautiful landscape which is endowed with a culture of great diversity. This small country is endowed with lots of natural wonders and you are guaranteed to enjoy an adventurous and exciting vacation you’ve always wanted.

Best of Rwanda

To volunteer in Rwanda this summer is a life changing experience which you will never forget, volunteering in Rwanda with Go Volunteer Africa is certainly not only going to put something into a desperately poor community, but also give you and adventure of a lifetime.

Our Rwanda volunteer projects are led by extremely charismatic young people who set up programs help their own people to escape poverty and to help enable people who live deep in rural areas and semi-urban communities. Nothing describes Rwanda’s culture better than the affectionate hospitality of its people, the thrill of its in-tore culture dancers and singers as well as the usual determined ethic for work and industry.

Volunteering Rwanda

A typical 4 week’s program would read something like this:

  • Be met at Kigali airport by our Country Coordinators and taken to the volunteers’ house or host family.
  • The facilities would be a little different to those you are used to in that in some cases (depending on project location) you will have to use a latrine not a WC and the ’shower’ facilities consisting of jerry cans of water and some plastic bowls.

2 days Akagera Safari Rwanda

  • You will however be well fed and the welcome will be greater than any you have known before, and this house will be your base for your stay.
  • From here you will visit some of the community development projects run by our host. To do this you will probably use local transport and you will go by village taxi known as a “takisi” and moto and this will just be the start of your adventure.

Farming Volunteering Project Uganda

  • You may camp overnight or stay in a local house, and during your stay you may be asked to join in a debate at the school, check on some of the many Income Generating Initiatives. You will also get to meet many of the locals and certainly learn a great deal about Rural African life.
  • There are nursery and primary schools supported by Go Volunteer Africa, part of your donation goes to keeping the schools as well as feeding and housing you, here you can actually see your money in action as we also give the orphans a meal every day. Sadly for some of these orphans this is the only meal they will get; your donations here will make a genuine difference, the secondary school supported by us currently has 600 students, basically orphans and abused young girls.

Rwanda Youth Volunteer Project

  • Another activity that you will certainly take part in will be to help at one of the remote projects run; here you will certainly be going well off the beaten track into some of the very remote areas. In this case you will go by car, you may even have to push it some of the way, into some of the more remote villages, some are only accessible by what looks like a footpath and probably the vehicle you are in will be one of the very few that ever goes that way. Do not be surprised here if some of the children seem a little afraid of you as you may well be the first white person that they have seen.
  • Here once more you make a contribution by helping with the administration of the projects, work with sick people-binding wounds , dispensing the drugs the nurse has prescribed, helping at seminars from those about HIV awareness to just demonstrating how important it is to wash hands. Once again you can actually see for yourself just how much help you are to a really remote community and just how little other help they receive.

Empowering the Women of Africa

  • Here again you will generally camp although some time we get offered a stay in a village house

Working with Go Volunteer Africa shows just how working together with us you can make a difference you can not only help some of the poorest people in the world you also get to have an adventure of a lifetime.


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