If you love arts and music, there are great volunteer opportunities in Africa through our arts and music volunteer program to share your passion. Arts and Music can help to bring comfort in the face of adversity as well as providing a potentially valuable skill to those who are able.

Arts and Music is powerful way to tell the story of a culture. Volunteers on our Arts and Music volunteer program help people unleash their talents, realize dreams, and/or give them a hobby to enjoy for a lifetime. If you want to teach art in Africa or volunteer teaching music, know that you have plenty of opportunities across Africa.

Volunteering in Africa in arts and music projects is the ultimate exercise in cultural exchange. Not only will you be bringing the gift of art skills and music to underprivileged communities, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about music in a completely new cultural context. If you are interested in getting involved with Arts and Music Volunteer program in Africa, we have a placement for you.

Our Arts and Music volunteer program in Africa enables volunteers to be immersed in new cultural to share their talents with needy youth and children. Arts and Music has the ability to heal, change, prompt people to stand up for causes, and it has the undeniable ability to connect and bring people together.


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