Medical Care Volunteer Program

If you are pursuing a career in the medical field or a qualified medical professional with a desire to help those in need and gaining an exposure to medical environments in Africa Go Volunteer Africa’s medical care volunteer program and Internship program is the best option for you.

Apply to join a medical care volunteer program across Africa with the largest volunteer travel organization on the continent. You will be placed in rewarding medical care volunteer placements and gap year electives all around Africa where you will work at community centers, outreaches, hospitals and clinics alongside local staff and other international volunteers.

Go Volunteer Africa’ medical care volunteer program offers hands on work placements, you will have ample opportunities to get involved directly with the treatment of local patients. Healthcare and medical professionals of all kinds are needed to provide vital services to under-served communities all over Africa. Medical volunteer project placements are available from various healthcare fields including nursing, general medicine, dental, physical therapy, speech therapy, psychiatry, and more.


Zanzibar healthcare volunteering project

ZANZIBAR: Healthcare Volunteering Project

Go Volunteer Africa specializes in offering medical volunteers meaningful internship placements ...
Botswana Medical Volunteering

BOTSWANA : Medical Volunteering Project

Go Volunteer Africa offers HIV/AIDS Awareness and meaningful Botswana medical volunteering ...

MALAWI: Medical Volunteer Project

Malawi medical volunteer project offers Pre-med, nursing, and medical students and professionals ...
Uganda Medical Volunteering Project

UGANDA: Medical Volunteering Project

The Uganda Medical volunteering project offers skilled medical professionals with the chance to ...
Healthcare Volunteer Project Zambia

ZAMBIA: Healthcare Volunteer Project

If you are looking to gain medical work experience or would just like to help people consider ...
Zimbabwe Medical Volunteer Project

ZIMBABWE: Medical Volunteer Project

Due to inadequate staff and being under-resourced, the Ministry of Health in Zimbabwe is ...
Medical Volunteer Project Sudan

SUDAN: Medical Healthcare Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s medical volunteer project in Sudan is suited for medical interns, ...
Kenya Medical Volunteering Project

KENYA: Medical Volunteering Project

Medical and Healthcare volunteering placements are offered in Nairobi and Kakamega Kenya. This ...

TANZANIA: Medical Volunteering Project

If are you a medical professional or student looking for a medical volunteering project in, ...

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