Zanzibar Summer Volunteer Program

Zanzibar Summer Volunteer Program

Join our Zanzibar Summer Volunteer Program and discover the colors of Zanzibar with Go Volunteer Africa, one of the best volunteer travel operators providing the best programs. There are four main areas where you can apply during your Zanzibar summer volunteer trip, all focus on community development.

During your Zanzibar summer volunteer program placement, you can teach, work on medical/healthcare project, help children or contribute to a positive future for marine- life by joining marine conservation initiatives. Usually Zanzibar summer volunteer projects last a minimum of 2-8 weeks whilst you can stay for up to 3 months.

Zanzibar Summer Volunteer Program

Go Volunteer Africa offers volunteer placements for skilled and non-skilled volunteers. The Zanzibar summer volunteer program offers placements in a wide range of areas like education, women empowerment, sports development, marine conservation, medicine, orphanage and childcare work.


Volunteer with Marine life: Spend time soaking up the sun, living on the spectacular coast and helping whales, dolphins and other wildlife species. Join our Zanzibar Marine wildlife conservation projects working in research teams which aim to help wild animals. These projects are perfect if you are passionate about marine life or if you would just like to do something different, everyday will be different.

You will be working with local scientists and conservationists monitoring marine life, cleaning beaches, assisting research, working with local communities, checking tourist numbers, making reports and also going out into the ocean to see whales and dolphins up close. You will live in our beautiful beach bungalows seconds away from the beach – an added bonus!

Volunteer with Medical Project: If you are a skilled healthcare professional then volunteering on medical projects in Zanzibar can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! These placements are perfect if you are currently training for a career, or you are already working in this industry. When applying we shall need you to provide proof of education and qualifications. For non-skilled workers there are awareness placements available to join where you can help prevent the spread of HIV/Aids.


Volunteer on Community Outreach Projects: Go Volunteer Africa provides material support to those people in Zanzibar who are unable to and care for themselves. This may include the elderly, orphans, the disabled, prisoners, and those afflicted or affect by HIV and AIDS. Our volunteers and local teams arrange Home or School Visits Supplying sanitation sanitary kits to village school girls.

Teaching Volunteer  Opportunities:  The main focus is providing education to hundreds of children in poor communities in Zanzibar. Village schools provide Languages, Math, health lessons to children 3yrs-16yrs old. The schools provide not only needed education but opportunities for sports activities, health talks, feeding center and meeting place for the community.

Eswatini Childcare Volunteer Project

The objective of this program is to contribute to the academic development of the school in order to provide the best opportunity for the orphans to receive quality education. Volunteers support the local teachers; encourage students to learn and play and instill pride in their schooling.

Volunteer on Community Development Projects: You will have the opportunity to try different roles and projects, dependent on your interests and skills. These volunteer opportunities do not require specialized skills (although these would be an advantage), and we accept volunteers for both short and long-term placements, all the year round. Volunteers certainly gain an amazing life experience from their participation in our placement program. On first arrival, most volunteers sample all the projects before selecting the tasks that suit them best.

Zanzibar Summer Volunteer Program


To start the process fill Volunteer application form and submit it for consideration and book your placement. For more information on how to get enrolled for the volunteering experience of a lifetime contact us. Or Give us a call | WhatsApp | Telegram | Viber | Imo at +254-796-786292 to talk to a Program Specialist.

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