Volunteering Opportunities for Seniors in Africa

Volunteering Opportunities Seniors Africa

GVA Seniors Club’s volunteering opportunities for seniors in Africa have no maximum age restriction. That means we have plenty of over 50s volunteering options available all across Africa. No experience or specific qualifications are required and all necessary support is provided on the program. The only requirement is that you’re keen, passionate about making a difference, and ready for a change.

Senior volunteers can join a volunteer program for as little as one week or stay up to 12 weeks. At GVA Seniors Club, we have discovered that many of those looking for volunteer work abroad who are over the ages of 50 or 60 assume that volunteering abroad isn’t for them. There is a misconception that volunteering abroad is only for teens or young adults. But this simply isn’t true. GVA Seniors Club offers a number of volunteering opportunities for seniors and retirees in Africa.

Volunteering Opportunities Seniors Africa


Volunteering abroad when you’re a senior, over 50 or a retiree is the perfect way to share your life experience with those who need it the most. Projects all over Africa are looking for seniors and anyone who is over 50 years old to support local NGOs, care for children in the communities or support medical projects.

As a senior volunteer over 50 you can join a wildlife conservation project for endangered animals, teach a language abroad or use your skills to guide the younger generation. Know that retirees, seniors and anyone over 50 is highly valued by volunteer abroad organizations like GVA Seniors Club because of their amazing experience, knowledge, and skills!

Heading to Africa for wildlife conservation or development work and share this unique experience with other seniors will be a memorable lifetime experience. Get to know the culture of your volunteer destination and experience this together with your peers who share your passion for wildlife conservation, environmental conservation or community development.

Volunteering Opportunities Seniors Africa

If you have a medical background, there are plenty of programs available in Africa focused on health care and looking for medical professionals. Retired doctors or healthcare professionals are always in demand. Ex-teachers can put their skills to work in an international setting and learn a thing or two about the new culture.

Here are some of the options that you can choose from:

  • Work at an animal conservation center or sanctuary
  • Agricultural or farm work
  • Cultural immersion programs
  • Environmental conservation
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Teaching
  • Humanitarian work
  • Community Service
  • Health care

There are countless international options for retirees or seniors to volunteer abroad. It’s a matter of choosing one that fits your skills and passions!


If you are looking for volunteering opportunities for seniors or retirees in Africa, then GVA Seniors Club is the right operator. Volunteering abroad provides the perfect opportunity to experience a new country and culture, while contributing to vital community projects that value your support.

GVA Seniors Club is proud to support hundreds of seniors and retirees volunteering abroad in over 50 destinations across Africa. GVA is a part of GVA Travel Solutions group and sister operator to Go Volunteer Africa, the leading and largest volunteer travel organization in Africa.


  • This is your chance to volunteer abroad and contribute to a meaningful cause with other senior volunteers.
  • The projects are generally less physically demanding.
  • Knowing others in your age group are taking part in such projects, will give you the confidence to participate.
  • It’s a super opportunity to meet and connect with other adventurous senior people.



At GVA Seniors Club, there is an important place in the volunteering landscape for retirees or those over 50 looking for a new challenge. We are dedicated to improving the circumstances of those less fortunate or taking action to protect the environment. We are in need of helping hands and everyone regardless of their age can contribute.

Bring your life experience to the table and impact lives during your volunteer experience abroad. Depending on your passions and skills, with GVA Seniors Club you can make a difference.

The world is basically at your feet. There are volunteering opportunities for seniors in Africa for every skill set and life experience. Whether you’re adventurous and want to teach children or do wildlife conservation work or learn more about sustainable farming in Africa, there are countless projects available. Volunteers with a medical background can find opportunities abroad anywhere around the Africa.

How Do I Get Started with 50+ Volunteering?

You’re ready to do a volunteering project but you’re not quite sure where to start? First of all, have a look at the different programs offered by GVA Seniors Club, and pick the international projects that have caught your attention. Or Contact Us.


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