Would you do voluntary work in Africa on your honeymoon?

Honeyteering in Africa

Many holidaying newlyweds are choosing Honeyteering in Africa to make a positive impact on the lives of the less privileged.

“Honeyteering” is where just-married couples volunteer for a worthy cause in the developing world, rather than the indulgent two weeks on a beach.

Times have changed and nowadays many couples have lived together for years before they get married. So a honeymoon is less of the romantic and sexual epiphany it once was.

honeyteering in Africa

It has already become commonplace for the bride and groom to ask guests to donate to a charity rather than give presents. The logical extension is for the happy couple to give up their time on honeymoon helping a worthy cause.

Many newlywed couples choose Go Volunteer Africa to help them design a holiday with something special, expecting it to combine fun and relaxation with using their skills to help someone else.

Honeymoon Volunteering holidays

Honeyteering couples participating on a Go Volunteer Africa trip will usually mix four or five days of voluntary work with equal amounts of relaxation and sightseeing. Activities range from teaching, working in an orphanage, construction, medical outreach, marine conservation, or helping on a nature project.


Go Volunteer Africa has Honeyteering opportunity experiences and our most popular honeymoon vacation destination is Zanzibar. If you would like to book honeymoon volunteering trip, simply Contact Us here