Tanzania medical volunteering project
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TANZANIA: Medical Volunteering Project

Our Tanzania medical volunteering project is suitable for medical professionals or students looking for a medical volunteer program in Tanzania, Go Volunteer Africa offers unique medical and healthcare opportunities in Tanzania and internship opportunities to [Read More]

Family Volunteer Opportunities Africa
Family Vacations

6 Amazing Family Volunteer Opportunities Africa

Go Volunteer Africa, the leading and largest volunteer travel organization in Africa offers high-impact and fun family volunteer opportunities across Africa. Family vacations are turning to a new, more popular type of travel—volunteer trips abroad! [Read More]

Kenya Childcare Volunteer Project

KENYA: Childcare Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Kenya childcare volunteer project offers an opportunity to volunteers to support the needy kids through love and parental care. Most of the children are traumatized by the incidences that occurred and it [Read More]

Kenya Community Volunteer Program
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KENYA: Community Volunteer Program

The Kenya community volunteer program with Go Volunteer Africa will not only provide you with a meaningful experience, but it will change your life positively forever. Community volunteer projects in Kenya are diverse and each [Read More]

Kenya Medical Volunteering Project
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KENYA: Medical Volunteering Project

Kenya medical volunteering project offers short and long term healthcare volunteer placements in hospitals, clinics, outreach centres and slum community projects in Kakamega, Eldoret, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kajiado areas. Placements are available in areas of [Read More]

Kenya Orphanage Volunteer Project

KENYA: Orphanage Volunteer Project

The Kenya orphanage volunteer project run by Go Volunteer Africa is offered in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kakamega counties. The participants will work with children at one of the children’s homes in the mentioned communities supported [Read More]

Kenya Slum Volunteer Project
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KENYA: Slum Volunteer Project

The Kenya slum volunteer project run by Go Volunteer Africa will give you a great opportunity to share your skills and time with disadvantaged children in Kenya. The Kenya slum volunteer project is always tailored for [Read More]

Kenya Teaching Volunteer Project
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KENYA: Teaching Volunteer Project

The Kenya teaching volunteer project will give you an opportunity to engage with cheerful and optimistic kids in a school in beautiful coastal Mombasa, cosmopolitan Nairobi or the beautiful deeper immersion experience in Kakamega. Through [Read More]

Kenya Construction Volunteer Project

KENYA: Construction Volunteer Project

The purpose of our Kenya construction volunteer project is not only to help build infrastructure but to also build lives. From renovating a rundown school or classroom to helping improve clean water access with safe [Read More]

Kenya Music Volunteer Project
Arts and Music

KENYA: Arts & Music Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa is striving to enhance understanding and awareness of the diverse world to the children and youth of Kenya through arts and music project. Go Volunteer Africa is offering meaningful volunteering opportunities in [Read More]

Kenya Sports Volunteer Project
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KENYA: Sports Coaching Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Kenya sports coaching volunteer project has a wide range of sports coaching volunteer opportunities in Kenya, that can help you spread the word about physical activity.  Volunteers to get involved in our [Read More]

Comoros Conservation Volunteer Work

Comoros Whales and Dolphins Conservation Work

Comoros Conservation volunteer Work! Volunteer for August-November new season! We are recruiting now!!!! Limited Offers! Wow and 1,2,3…. Humpback whales! and what? 200-300 Electra dolphins! What a good day! It is not always like this [Read More]

Rwanda Family Volunteer Safaris
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RWANDA: Family Volunteer Safaris

If you’re looking to add meaning to your family Rwanda adventure, volunteering is a great way to do so. From week-long Rwanda family volunteer safaris countless culture immersion opportunities in Bugesera, Rwanda. Whether women empowerment [Read More]

Zimbabwe teaching volunteer project
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ZIMBABWE: Teaching Volunteer Project

Through our Zimbabwe teaching volunteer project, Go Volunteer Africa is looking for volunteers who can take up teaching roles at our schools and children centers in Zimbabwe. You can help in taking normal classes, assisting [Read More]

Internship Abroad in Africa
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ZIMBABWE: Wildlife Conservation Volunteering

Volunteers who are keen to make a genuine contribution to wildlife conservation will love this Zimbabwe wildlife conservation volunteering project. Immerse yourselves in the stunning Zimbabwe rainforest, living and working alongside local people, helping to [Read More]

Zimbabwe construction volunteer project

ZIMBABWE: Construction Volunteer Project

Looking for a volunteer experience that will challenge you physically and mentally? One that will fit your “work hard, play hard” mentality? Zimbabwe construction volunteer project may be just what you’re looking for. From building [Read More]

Uganda Medical Volunteer Project

ZIMBABWE: Community Health Volunteer Work

Zimbabwe community health volunteer work program offered by Go Volunteer Africa targets underserved communities that are in need of medical help all over Zimbabwe. Many communities Zimbabwe continue to experience a shortage of health workers [Read More]

Tanzania Childcare Volunteer Work

ZIMBABWE: Childcare Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Zimbabwe childcare volunteer project supports children who are orphaned and needy due to loss of their parents/ guardians to diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer and hence leading them to fend for themselves at [Read More]

Arts and Music

ZIMBABWE: Arts and Music Volunteer Project

Join our Zimbabwe arts and music volunteer project and give a platform to local children from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to get an interest in music and the performance arts.  Arts and Music, singing, and [Read More]