6 Amazing Family Volunteer Opportunities Africa

Family Volunteer Opportunities Africa

Go Volunteer Africa, the leading and largest volunteer travel organization in Africa offers high-impact and fun family volunteer opportunities across Africa. Family vacations are turning to a new, more popular type of travel—volunteer trips abroad!

In general, volunteering abroad has been gaining popularity across all groups of people, but family volunteering opportunities abroad can be the perfect way to bond with your family, experience a new culture and give back.

Family Volunteer Opportunities Africa

These awesome family volunteer opportunities in Africa will have you—and your kiddos—jumping for joy! Family volunteering opportunities can be found everywhere across Africa!

There is also a wide array of volunteer opportunities that can accommodate families, from working to conserve wildlife to teaching local schoolchildren and everything in between!

Many Go Volunteer Africa programs offer upgraded, more private accommodations for families and most meals are catered, so the stress of preparing meals for the whole family each day can be lifted so you and your family can enjoy your volunteer vacation!

Family Volunteer Opportunities Africa

What makes these the “best?”

Before we give you the scoop on these best family volunteer opportunities in Africa, here’s why they nabbed a spot on our list:

Proven results. These family volunteer programs in Africa have measured results of their impact on foreign communities. We constantly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of these projects and we do have tangible proof to back it up!

Partnerships with locals. With these volunteer programs, working together with local communities is a key component of operations. We highly value the input of the local individuals to best identify what areas need the most volunteer assistance.

Family Volunteer Opportunities Africa

Strong safety record. Sometimes accidents happen —this can’t be avoided—but Go Volunteer Africa has protocols in place to ensure as fun and safe an experience possible for the whole family.

Raving reviews. You know a family volunteer program abroad in is killin’ it when 95 percent of their former participants rate a five-star experience!

  1. Zambia – wildlife conservation

This elephant conservation program located on natural reserve in Zambia is the perfect program for families that love wildlife. Children who love animals will enjoy this program and be entertained as your family treks through the forest reserve, looking for these gentle giants.

Family Volunteer Opportunities Africa

This program is suitable for families with young children, as there are family rooms and suites available as well as a babysitting service! The forest terrain is flat and not difficult to walk on. It is beneficial for young children to see elephants in a natural habitat setting, rather than at a zoo or the circus.

The whole family will be able to appreciate these creatures, bond while planting and harvesting their food, and give back to an ethical program.

  1. Uganda – Education and Community Work

This program is ideal for families who wish to partake in community aid programs, in educational settings specifically. Families looking for rural paradise destination will also fit in well here, as this program is located in the rural ever green communities full of natural forests, gardens and laid back communities.

Family Volunteer Opportunities Africa

The first week of this program is Culture Week, which introduces volunteers to Uganda and its culture through walking tours, cultural experiences such as a culture dancing show, and more! Children of families can enjoy playing with children from another country, and can therefore already begin to expand their knowledge of the world through being with these children and therefore learning about a new culture.

Children as young as five may join this program with their families! Furthermore, families are upgraded to a private, beautiful home and most meals are prepared for the volunteers.

  1. Zimbabwe – Wildlife Conservation Project

For families looking to go on an authentic African safari while simultaneously contributing to wildlife conservation, this lion conservation program in Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls is the perfect choice! Families can stay in private huts in the on-site lodge and take a swim after a long day of game drives, data collection, and other research tasks. Children will enjoy seeing Africa’s wildlife up close and learn about their conservation. All transportation and 3 meals are included in the program price. Families with children from the age of 12 are welcome.

  1. Zanzibar – Turtle Conservation

For families who enjoy both vacationing on beaches, and working with small animals, this program located on Zanzibar island is the perfect! Volunteers on this program will work in the sandy beaches to build nest protectors and monitor sea turtle hatchlings.

Zanzibar Marine Conservation volunteer project


  1. Sierra Leone—Orphans and Vulnerable children Day Care

Another community aid/ working with children program that is family-friendly is located in Sierra Leone. Families and their children will spend time playing with orphaned children, brightening their day and engaging in positive cultural exchange. All meals on this program are prepared for the volunteers by the cook. Families with children as young as 5 are welcome. During free time, families can enjoy a wide array of nearby water activities!

  1. Togo – Working with Kids

This program is another excellent opportunity for your family to give back to a community in Africa. This program in Togo involves working with children in schools or community centers. Families will assist children with homework, educational activities including arts and crafts and play time and sports.

Volunteers also assist in teaching about hygiene. Children of families will help to encourage the school children to practice their English or French as well, so they can play together and learn about one another’s’ culture. This program can be molded to fit your family’s needs- and is another excellent chance for your children to learn about a different culture.

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The opportunity to volunteer with family abroad is not one to be missed. Taking a family vacation can be a lot of work, but with inclusive volunteer Africa opportunities, your family doesn’t have to worry about preparing meals, or ever being bored!

With a family volunteer vacation, your family can enjoy all the perks of a vacation, including exploring a new place, to enjoying the benefits of giving back to a community in need and engaging in cultural exchange. Nothing is more rewarding than giving back to communities in need, and to be able to do that while experiencing a new place and culture while bonding as a family in a beautiful location is simply the best of both worlds.

Go Volunteer Africa offers excellent family volunteering opportunities around the African continent. Contact us today!


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