5 Volunteer Opportunities for Families in Africa

Volunteer Opportunities for Families Africa

Go Volunteer Africa has put together a list of 5 volunteer opportunities in Africa that are perfect for families with children looking for their next wonderful adventure overseas.

Volunteering in Africa as a family may seem challenging, but there are actually several programs across the African continent suitable for parents and kids to go on a meaningful holiday together.

Families choose to share a volunteer experience overseas for many reasons. For a start, it’s an exciting adventure and an opportunity for parents to bond with their children.

It’s also a life-changing learning process for the children, opening their mind to different cultures and helping them to become aware of the importance of giving back. Sometimes they even learn a new language!

Go Volunteer Africa offers families many volunteer opportunities where they can participate in much-needed charity work. The following are 5 of the best volunteer opportunities for families in Africa suitable for whole family:


Go Volunteer Africa has the perfect volunteer activities for families open to an amazing life-changing experience in the culture filled Kenya! Our projects in Kenya are interested in volunteers who can teach the students languages, music, trade skills, sports, art, or any other skills that they are not familiar with.

Kids of families involved in this program can benefit a lot from this meaningful volunteer program as it gives them a chance to experience life in a completely different environment from what they are used to and the chance to interact and play with local children from the communities.

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Family Game Drives Rwanda

Rwanda is another great opportunity to volunteer abroad with kids and help change the lives of vulnerable communities. Our projects in Rwanda are dedicated to helping every child get a quality education regardless of their social or economic standing.

The projects in Rwanda were started with an aim to foster social change through women empowerment and child education. They are driven by the noble tradition of serving others before self. Our volunteer program in Rwanda has grown over the past years and helped make a difference for a lot of people in that short period.

Go Volunteer Africa has a lot of volunteer activities in Rwanda specially designed to benefit the locals and also give parents and their children an extraordinary meaningful travel memory that they can share for the many years to come. Go Volunteer Africa needs volunteers to teach the local kids any foreign language, art, craft, music, dance, origami, among other skills and empower their families.

The children who volunteer also get to experience life from the Indian kids’ perspective which is also a great learning opportunity for them.

There are many exciting activities families can do around: engage the friendly neighbors, attend colorful festivals, enjoy the beautiful scenery, play and have fun with the locals.

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Volunteer Opportunities for Families Africa

Go Volunteer Africa volunteer opportunities in Tanzania focus on tapping into the volunteers’ skills in order to help the locals improve their living standards and eliminate poverty.

The projects in Tanzania have a dedicated staff and international volunteers who have already made a positive impact in the host island communities.

Their main volunteer activities involve matters related to agriculture work, childcare, social work, women empowerment, conservation work, medical relief and teaching.

Go Volunteer Africa gives parents and their kids a chance to participate in responsible travel by participating in various volunteer programs across the country. We are always looking for volunteers to help in many community development projects.

Benefits of volunteering as a family in Tanzania include experiencing and learning from the rich culture, interacting with the friendly local people, working outdoors, and enjoying the picturesque views of the Indian ocean beaches.

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Volunteer Opportunities for Families Africa

In Zanzibar, Go Volunteer Africa started projects that help save and protect marine life that are among the endangered species. Zanzibar is home to many important beaches for turtle nesting, some of which are protected by the government but most of which are left exposed to human and other dangers.

When the projects started it was hard for our teams to protect the beach at all times which is necessary because the dangers are always lurking. Volunteers have helped get the organization to new levels by helping to provide round the clock protection for the turtles and other marine life.

Go Volunteer Africa needs volunteers of all ages to help patrol the beach every night and bring any eggs they find to the secure hatchery.

Other volunteer activities for families in Zanzibar with kids include recycling plastic, beach cleaning, teaching English and other skills, among others. In their free time, volunteers can take tours to various beautiful destinations in Zanzibar, hang out with locals, among other fun activities.

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Volunteer Opportunities for Families Africa

Go Volunteer Africa projects in Senegal are focused on a mission of teaching English to poor kids in Dakar. The program was established to improve the quality of education in the community and to create better opportunities for the disadvantaged children in Senegal.

Senegal is a great place to participate in volunteer programs with kids. The main task of volunteers is teaching English and other skills to the locals.

When they are not working, volunteers can also take part in other fun activities such as French lessons, surf lessons, and generally hanging out and sharing experiences with the friendly locals.

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