About Go Volunteer Africa

About Go Volunteer Africa

Go Volunteer Africa is the leading and largest volunteer travel operator in Africa. We vet and categorize our projects, providing volunteers with programs that match their needs and interests.

We believe that travel with purpose opportunities will have a positive impact around the world. In January of 2009, Go Volunteer Africa set out to change the tourism industry. Providing humanitarian and conservation opportunities to people who want to make a difference while traveling.

About Go Volunteer Africa

These volunteer projects range from medical aid, community infrastructure development, social empowerment, and environmental and wildlife conservation. Our goal is to turn one million travelers into one million volunteers, and in doing so, we will bridge cultures, create new friendships, and broker change one person at time.


We are here to provide travelers with a ‘better’ alternative.


We are from East Africa, and things are done a little differently here. We use words like community, empowerment, and responsibility. It’s a very special place, and everything we do has a little bit of East in it. In practice however, we have a hope that we can utilize travel and make a difference.


We offer programs in over 50 countries around Africa, and have been featured in dozens of traditional and online publications. The world is learning about Go Volunteer Africa, and they are coming back over and over again.

honeyteering in Africa


Quality: We offer quality programs determined by the legacy of their operational impacts.

Integrity: We listen carefully to one another. We deal in good faith. We are honest, fair, and ethical.

Co-operation: We understand the power of community and co-operative principles. We draw on the strength of people working together.

Creativity: We embrace original ideas and fresh ways of looking at the world, fully believing that tomorrow will be written by the innovative of today.

Leadership: We are not concerned by competition. We lead by example and make decisions based on our core philosophies.

Sustainability: We support systems and suppliers that share philosophies of environmental stewardship and social empowerment.

Stewardship: We act to preserve and restore wild places.

Humanity: We work actively to ensure those involved in the promotion of volunteer programs are engaged, invested and experienced.

Balance: We believe that balance is when you give back at least as much as you take away.

Honeyteering in Africa


We aspire to be the most diverse, accessible, and customizable community of both voluntourism, and applied learning projects in the world. We aim to create ‘must-do’ holiday alternatives for every generation. Our goal is to be the ‘top-of-mind’ specialists in our field. We will not rest until we have reshaped the tourism industry, and have converted one million travelers into one million volunteers. Lofty goals. Unstoppable drive. We’d love you to be a part of it.

For more information on how to get enrolled for the volunteering experience of a lifetime, email us at: info@govolunteerafrica.org  or give us a call | WhatsApp | Telegram | Viber | Imo at +254-796-786292 to talk to a Program Specialist.