Your African Safari interview with our Co-Founder

Go Safari Africa
Go Safari Africa

Your African Safari is a safari-planning and safari review site. It was created to help support a healthy African wildlife population. All reviews are vetted before being approved and only ethical tours are published

It features information on over 2600 tour operators including company and vehicle descriptions, user reviews, safari itineraries and photos. It also features detailed information on 14 countries and 84 parks and game reserves.

YAS interviewed our co-founder John Burns to learn more about the genesis of the company and our accomplishments.

How and when did the concept for Go Volunteer Africa begin?

After more than a decade in humanitarian service and trials on various ventures which failed, I decided to explore the world. So, with only a backpack and a dream, I left California and set off for a trip around the world between 2007and 2008. While on my travels, I met hundreds of people who were anxious to donate their time and abilities but frustrated because they didn’t know where their talents were needed.

John Burns co-founder of Go Volunteer Africa

At the same time, hundreds of African non-profit organizations were seeking competent volunteers to enable them to carry on their very important work. So, an idea of forming an organization with dual role of providing the solutions for both the volunteer and the not-for-profit organizations came into my mind.

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