MALAWI: Childcare Volunteer Project

Malawi childcare volunteer project
Malawi childcare volunteer project

Volunteer with children in our Malawi Childcare Volunteer Project and support the work of local teachers and caregivers at daycare centres or special needs homes in Lilongwe or Blantyre. You’ll focus on early childhood development, and improving quality of life. This is a great way to get practical childcare experience, which could help your future career.

Volunteering Work on a Malawi childcare volunteer project is somewhat varied dependent on the project site where the you are placed, however typical examples of jobs and tasks can include; assisting local staff in providing rehabilitation exercises and therapist treatments for children, playing with children and entertaining/educating them with games, music, arts and other exercises, helping to develop fundraising initiatives to ensure ongoing funding for these institutions and teaching English to local staff.


  • Help with breakfast and prepare the children for school
  • Assist with lessons and teach English 3-4 hours a day in the local school
  • Lead sports, art, games, picture books, music activities
  • Organize fun activities when the children return from school
  • Prepare food for dinner
  • Read the stories to the children.
  • Help in washing their clothes.
  • Paint and color with the children.
  • Have counseling sessions with them.
  • If they are minors, you could help in changing them.
  • Taking them to bed and reading them bed time stories.
  • Help out in general cleaning.

As a volunteer working in caregiving project, you will have an important role to play wherein you would be giving much-needed attention to the children. Your tasks would be varied and generally include taking care of children, playing with them and basic education activities. Volunteers working with the Malawi Childcare volunteer project work for 5-6 hrs in a day and for 5 days a week. The two placements have around 45-75 children in the centers and volunteers have plenty of jobs to do to keep themselves busy.


In Malawi, the care centres we work with are understaffed and lack resources. We need your help to give local staff the support they need. They’ll appreciate having an extra pair of helping hands. In addition, you’ll work toward our long-term, sustainable goals for education and children’s care. This amazing project will warm the heart of any volunteer with a love for working with children and helping those in true need.

Many children in Malawi are orphaned and needy due to loss of their parents and guardians to diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer and hence leading them to fend for themselves at a very young age, some of them also have serious health conditions, cancer being one of them. Some families are currently headed by children. Imagine a child that has not even acquired education has to take care of over seven young siblings. This will force them to engage in crime in order to make ends meet. Others may decide to abandon their families because they can’t take up the big responsibility.

These children end up on streets and engage in drug abuse, theft, pick pocketing and all sorts of bad habits. If caught by police, they end up in junior prisons. While some get rehabilitated at substance abuse centers Ft Lauderdale, by the time they come out, they are reformed, others come out even worse than before. So what future do these children have?

Go Volunteer Africa takes the responsibility to make sure that these children do not even feel the absence of their parents in life. We resettle back those children that ran away from home and manage the circumstances that led to their leaving in the first place.

Our partners equip them with skills that will help them earn a living in future. Play with them. Spend time talking to them. Most of these children are traumatized by the experiences that they go through. So counseling them is a requirement. It is in such sessions that a child gains trust in you and once they gain your trust, they open up and this makes it easier on how to help them or even reunite them with their families.

As a volunteer, your daily schedule will depend on the activities that you are interested in. A normal day schedule for a childcare volunteer in Malawi will involve waking up early. This is because the children wake up early and so their activity program starts as early as 6am. The volunteer will then start preparing for the day’s activities.

Breakfast will be taken by 7am to 8am. At 8:30, the day’s program will then begin till 4pm. Evenings and weekends are volunteer’s free time and can choose how to spend them. However, we request that before you leave the project, you inform the coordinator or any administrator at the project site.

Our Malawi Childcare volunteers project brightens up the lives of young children making an important contribution to their daily lives, we want to encourage people to participate in a Child Cancer Donation Charity to help these children. The Malawi childcare volunteer project is largely focused to working with children, however, there are other ways that volunteers are able to contribute direct to childcare.


Availability: Project open all year round
Duration: Minimum 4 weeks commitment
Age Limits: Minimum 18yrs or older for solo travelers.
Minimum Age: 6 to 17 yrs if traveling with parent/guardian
Dates: Flexible start and end dates
Arrival dates: One day before the start date
Airport Arrival: Airport pickup, meet and greet by GVA partner representative
Working Days: Monday – Friday – 5 days a week, 5-8 hours in a day
Weekends: Travel / Sightseeing NOT included in program cost
Accommodation: Orphanage Volunteer Accommodation (Host Families or volunteer house, if you prefer so)
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
Support: Pre-departure guide, In-country staff available 24/7
Location: Blantyre and Lilongwe
Language: English

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