2024 Best Summer Volunteer Programs

2022 Summer Volunteer Programs

Knowledgeable and able-bodied volunteers are in great demand for our 2024 Summer Volunteer Programs across Africa. 2024 Summer volunteer opportunities are available in over 45 program destinations from 2-8 weeks.

Go Volunteer Africa’s 2024 summer volunteer programs are available in various fields and a wide range of projects to developmental volunteers who want make a difference in the lives of deserving people in Africa.

Go Volunteer Africa provides to people of all ages and backgrounds with summer volunteer opportunities to have an active part in helping develop local communities and improve standard of life for people living in poor conditions across the African continent.

Gain valuable real-world experience with our 2024 Summer Volunteer Programs at Go Volunteer Africa. Choose from our diverse assortment of health, orphan care, teaching, environment and socio-economic projects collaborating with local communities.

Africa is one of those rare destinations in the world that seems to have the unique combination of natural beauty, intriguing history, and vibrant culture and much of this continent still remains wild and uncharted.

For students interested in studying international development and gaining practical experience in the field, Go Volunteer Africa provides numerous internship, research and event coordination opportunities.

An important goal of Go Volunteer Africa is to help people get directly involved in making positive change. Go Volunteer Africa welcomes anyone who comes with a kind heart, open mind and sharing attitude.

To volunteer in Africa this and next summer will be a life changing experience which you will never forget, a Volunteer summer placement will certainly put something into a desperately poor community, and will also give you an adventure of a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a unique travel volunteer summer experience in Africa, look no further! Go Volunteer Africa volunteer programs are the perfect way to meet new people, immerse yourself in new cultures and make a difference abroad.

When you sign up to our volunteer summer program, you will be combing an adventure safari tour with a meaningful volunteer projects experience.

All our volunteer summer projects include a length of stay on at least one project that gives you enough time to make a difference and then after your project you will follow it up with an amazing weekend adventure safari tour with activities such as a day white water rafting trip, horse-back riding, rain-forest trekking, sight-seeing tours, wildlife safari and so much more.


2024 Best Summer Volunteer Programs

Knowledgeable and able-bodied volunteers are in great demand for our 2024 Summer Volunteer Programs across Africa. 2024 Summer volunteer opportunities are available in over 45 program destinations from 2-8 weeks. Go Volunteer Africa’s 2024 summer ...
2022 Summer Volunteer Programs

Rwanda Summer Volunteering

Go Volunteer Africa offers special summer volunteer projects in Rwanda. Summer Volunteer projects in Rwanda organized by Go Volunteer Africa offers total positive life changing experience. Go Volunteer Africa’s Rwanda summer volunteer projects gives you ...
Rwanda Summer Volunteer Projects

Tanzania Summer Volunteering

If you are looking for meaningful, affordable, low cost and sustainable development summer volunteering holiday deals in Tanzania, you are in the right place. Go Volunteer Africa has a number of unique Tanzania summer volunteering ...
Tanzania summer volunteering

Kenya Summer Volunteering

Summer is a lovely time at Go Volunteer Africa in Kenya. Summer is the season when volunteers are ready to travel and join our teams across Kenya and getting involved in a wide range of ...
Kenya Summer Volunteer Projects

Zambia Summer Volunteering

If you want to do something rewarding this summer holiday, we highly recommend apply to participate in our Zambia Summer Volunteer Projects. Zambia is characterized by people who are resilient, entrepreneurial, compassionate, and spirited. Go ...
Zambia Summer Volunteer Projects

Zanzibar Summer Volunteering

Join our Zanzibar Summer Volunteer Projects and discover the colors of Zanzibar with Go Volunteer Africa, one of the best volunteer travel operators providing the best programs. There are four main areas where you can ...
Zanzibar Summer Volunteer Vacations

Malawi Summer Volunteering

Go Volunteer Africa is looking for volunteers wish to get involved in our Malawi Summer Volunteer Projects. The volunteers who will get involved in our Malawi summer volunteer programs will have the chance to interact ...
Malawi Summer Volunteer Projects

Togo Summer Volunteering

These Togo summer volunteer opportunities are perfect for students who only have a few weeks off between semesters, as well as working adults with limited vacation time. If you are a retiree, lucky you! Let’s explore the ...
Togo Summer Volunteer Opportunities

Senegal Summer Volunteering

Have you ever thought of traveling to a country and being more than just a regular tourist? Do you want an experience of living like a local and learning about local traditions and culture? Do ...
Senegal Summer Volunteer Projects


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