ZANZIBAR: Marine Conservation Volunteer Project

Zanzibar Marine Conservation volunteer project
Zanzibar Marine Conservation volunteer project

At Go Volunteer Africa, we help you find and apply for the perfect marine conservation volunteer project in Zanzibar. Our Zanzibar Marine Conservation volunteer project focuses on dolphin and turtle conservation and research. We’re Africa’s leading volunteer and travel organization–we partner with, and vet, the organizations supplying these projects. So, you only need to search in one place, and you can be sure you are getting a trusted travel experience. 

Through our Zanzibar marine conservation volunteer project we are offering dolphin conservation and research in Nungwi, northern Zanzibar and turtle conservation and research in Kizimkazi Mkunguni, southern, Zanzibar.

On this Zanzibar marine conservation volunteer project you will assist our local team to collect information on marine-life, monitor dolphins and turtles and so many other roles and activities.


  • Beach conservation
  • Dolphin and turtles research
  • Data collection
  • Local marine conservation outreaches
  • Monitoring the dolphins
  • Observation of whales during whale season (June to October)
  • Creating awareness through pamphlets and guidelines.

Volunteers working on this Zanzibar marine conservation volunteer project spend their morning working directly with the project and afternoon are spent on boat rides for marine research activities. Volunteers can also help to teach local tour guides English and develop marine conservation education materials which help educate schools, locals and future volunteers about marine conservation.


Situated just off the Tanzanian coast in East Africa, Zanzibar is a fascinating archipelago with a deeply embedded history, an intriguing blend of cultures and stunningly beautiful beaches and sea life.

Renowned for its white-sand beaches and turquoise waters, it is also home to many historical monuments, Chumbe Island Marine Reserve and Jozani Forest, where the indigenous Red Colobus Monkey can be found. The south coast offers you the chance to swim with dolphins in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Zanzibar Town, known by its old name of Stone Town (declared a world heritage site by UNESCO), is the capital of the archipelago. With a unique mix of Indian, Arab, and African mainland influences, its mesmerising culture permeates the main islands. The old Stone Town, with its narrow alleys winding amongst bustling markets and mosques, boasts amazingly crafted large wooden doors, which can be admired for hours.

Volunteers will spend their time in Nungwi or Kizimkazi depending on your choice of engagement and available placements. Both communities are stretched along the coastline, with stunning white sandy beaches where it will seem like you can walk forever.  Here you will find communities operating at a leisurely pace in the sunny tropical climate.

You will witness incredible sunrises and enjoy the warm waters, but more importantly gain a deep insight into life on the island and an array of experiences you will treasure for a long time.

The duties carried out by volunteers will contribute greatly to work across various marine conservation initiatives in Zanzibar.  Volunteers can also help local team with beach cleansing, coral reef surveys, painting etc.

Volunteers sleep in shared same-gender basic and comfortable rooms in our volunteer house alongside the local village. Volunteer in Zanzibar with Africa’s leading volunteer travel organization- Go Volunteer Africa.

At Go Volunteer Africa, we make our volunteers feel that they belong. If you choose Go Volunteer Africa to organize your volunteering experience, you will feel secure and well-informed. You will also feel that you belong to the project you decide to work with, as Go Volunteer Africa fits the right people to the right projects.


Availability:  Project open all year round
Age Limits: Minimum 18yrs or older
Dates: Flexible start and end dates
Duration: Minimum 2 weeks commitment
Arrival: One day before the start date
Airport Arrival: Airport pickup, meet and greet by GVA partner representative
Airport: Abeid Amani Karume International Airport
Accommodation: Volunteer house
Daily Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Working Days: Monday – Friday – 5 days a week, 3-5 hours in a day
Weekends: Travel / Sightseeing INCLUDED in program cost
Location: Zanzibar
Language: English
Support:  Pre-departure guide, In-country staff available 24/7

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