Zambia Summer Volunteering

Zambia Summer Volunteer Projects

If you want to do something rewarding this summer holiday, we highly recommend apply to participate in our Zambia Summer Volunteer Projects. Zambia is characterized by people who are resilient, entrepreneurial, compassionate, and spirited.

Go Volunteer Africa offers a number of community volunteer across Zambia and you can a life changing experience today. Some Zambia Summer Volunteer Projects can last a week whilst others you can stay for months. You could help education initiatives which are rewarding working with disadvantaged people who are living in poverty.

To participate in our Zambia Summer Volunteer Projects you won’t need any previous skills or past knowledge, on arrival full training and preparation will be provided. By volunteering with us in Zambia you will see things on a day to day basis you could not have dreamed about. This may be your only opportunity in life where you are able to travel and improve the lives of the people less fortunate.

So whether you want to help disadvantaged communities, help conservation and nature, improve education or work hands on with animals – we have projects which will appeal to you. Depending on your area of interest, you can choose from a number of placements which need caring and enthusiastic volunteers.

Zambia Summer Volunteer projects
Zambia Summer Volunteer projects


Conservation & Environmental Projects: Natural habitat destruction is a terrible problem in Zambia and on conservation projects you will be able to work in teams with the aim of improving the situation. By raising awareness of serious issues like climate change and working hands on with incredible teams you will get memories to last a lifetime.

Wildlife Conservation:  Through our wildlife programs you can work with the big 5 wildlife, this is very unique where you can gain unique game reserve management experience. You will be able to contribute to conservation efforts in Zambia and make a difference to wildlife. You will learn a lot on these programs, from picking up the basics of game reserve management, to tracking wild animals, preventing poaching, game counts, researching and also working hands on.

Our wildlife projects will involve working in teams up to 6 days a week and sometimes over 8 hours a day. Seeing and volunteering with elephants in their natural habitat in Zambia is a magical experience. By helping you will be able to help these animals have a better future and be able to discover things about not only yourself but also get a whole new perspective on the world.

Community Development Projects: This is a very literal way to lend a helping hand! Our projects involve physical labor with this focus you could be building schools, constructing water sources, installing alternative energy resources, gardening, or helping in fields. You will work under the direction of a local staff or community person. While they lead, volunteers take direction and work as a part of a team working towards an end goal.

Some projects have been created to help open opportunities for local people to enhance their skill set, increase their cultural sensitivity, improve their communication and collaboration skills, and most importantly to help people to participate actively in “global” life.

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Medical & Healthcare Volunteer Projects: If you are training in medicine you might want to help inspirational clinical / healthcare programs. On these types of projects you might be working on awareness projects or gain hands on work experience in a clinic or medical facility. You will work as part of a team on educational / healthcare projects with the aim of improving life for local communities. These programs are great if you are looking for a medical elective, want to gain work experience or just want to help others.

Educational, Social Work & Youth Projects: Social work extends far beyond the traditional one-on-one format. You will be acting as a mentor, for example for at-risk youth or marginalized women and children. You will also be helping to run programs which aim to develop life skills, rehabilitate, and offer support to individuals.

Placements in social work are invaluable learning opportunities for someone pursuing a related career. In addition to the skills developed working with the local community, you will gain an understanding of social, cultural, and economic factors affecting quality of life in Zambia.

Childcare Volunteer Programs: In Zambia, not only do children make up a significant amount of the population, many have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. In Zambia there has been an emergence of child-headed households, homes where an older child takes on the role of his or her deceased parents. When possible, they will live in an childcare centre. The need is dire, and local staff members are severely overworked. Participants help to relieve the burden by caring for, tutoring, and mentoring children. Local staff are extremely grateful for the care, attention, and time that our participants spend helping.

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