Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting wild species and their habitats in order to prevent species from going extinct. Major threats to wildlife include habitat destruction/degradation/fragmentation, over-exploitation, poaching, pollution and climate change.

Go Volunteer Africa runs several wildlife conservation projects across Africa and we engage volunteers through our Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Program. Volunteers on our wildlife conservation volunteer program support our trained scientific researchers in collecting baseline data and monitoring changes in biodiversity, contributing to the protection of threatened wildlife and ecosystems, whilst having the privilege of observing wildlife in its natural habitat.

With so many species classified as critically endangered, a vast number of wildlife conservation projects in Africa work to save these threatened animals from going extinct. Volunteer Placements at wildlife conservation program vary greatly, from breeding centers that work to boost species numbers, to park ranger courses guarding against poaching. Clearly a vital vein of the conservation effort.

Documenting which species are where is an important part of wildlife conservation efforts in Africa. It enables future conservation programs to be established and existing ones to become more effective. Go Volunteer Africa’s wildlife conservation projects will involve this area of work, with early starts often being vital for the best results.

Educating local communities on the benefits of conservation is crucial if much of the planet’s wildlife is to stand a chance of surviving. Sustainable methods must be taught and damaging habits altered for conservation to be successful in the long-term. This important area of conservation work could see you spending time with young students across Africa, as well as many other teaching opportunities depending on your personal interests.


UGANDA: Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Work

UGANDA: Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Work

You want to go on a safari in Uganda? How about volunteering directly with the Uganda wildlife conservation volunteer project! Wildlife conservation volunteer work will give you the opportunity to learn more about African Big ...
BOTSWANA: Wildlife Conservation Volunteering

BOTSWANA: Wildlife Conservation Volunteering

Botswana wildlife conservation volunteering is the perfect project for anyone looking to volunteer in Botswana at a wild and bush project.  Our Botswana Wildlife Conservation Project aims at promoting the sustainability of threatened and endangered ...

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