What Is A Go Volunteer Africa Partner Project?

Volunteer Africa Partner Project
Volunteer Africa Partner Project

As the leaders in volunteer travel in Africa, we have been approached by many organizations over the years for assistance with humanitarian projects across Africa. The needs of these organizations vary from project to project.

They may require funding or resources, additional manpower in the form volunteers, specialist skills or perhaps simply they need to build awareness of their activities by advertising themselves internationally.

At Go Volunteer Africa, we’re very careful about the organizations and projects we partner with and you can be confident that all projects supported by us meet our highest standards and endorse Go Volunteer Africa’s mission.



On a Go Volunteer Africa Partner project, you’ll be welcomed and supported by the local community representatives, specialists or workers of our partner organizations. Host community members will offer advice and support and you will be looked after by your host family or volunteer housekeeper.


You’ll be offered delicious, authentic, home cooked meals, prepared by your host family, volunteer cook, or housekeeper. You may like to sample local specialties from a street market or cook along with other project volunteers in the volunteer house.


You’ll be welcomed by the local community and encouraged to adopt the local customs, culture and traditions of your host country. We have a wide variety of both rural and urban locations for you to choose from so there is something for everybody.


You will have a bed in a volunteer house or in a welcoming host family with access to a shower and other amenities.


You’ll have free time to explore the sights, sounds and smells of your host country and enjoy the hospitality of your hosts.

Other volunteers

You’ll be living and working independently or in a small group of international or host country volunteers, not necessarily recruited by Go Volunteer Africa, either with a local community or with a partner organization or institution.


This information is designed to give you ideas and inspiration for your project in Africa with Go Volunteer Africa. It’s intended as a guide only and although details are correct at time of publishing, all projects are subject to change.

Just remember…

Part of the excitement of a volunteer experience is the unpredictability of life in a remote location and the thrill of the unknown;

  • Changing weather conditions may mean you need to relocate in order to avoid floods or cyclones!
  • Seasonal variations in wildlife populations may affect what animals and plants you are likely to encounter.
  • The immediate needs of a local community may affect what types of community development work is the priority.
  • Term times, local festivals, and holidays will affect the number of children in schools.
  • Accommodation arrangements may vary depending on availability.

Remember to check our website regularly to find the most up-to-date project information and perhaps even discover a new project you haven’t considered before.


As the time of your project approaches, we’ll tell you about any alterations to your activities so you’ll be well prepared for your adventure. Don’t forget, whilst on your project you’re there to provide help and skills wherever they are needed most, rather than to impose what you want to do upon the local people. With this in mind, you can be sure to have a rewarding volunteer experience and be confident that all your efforts really have made a difference.

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