Uganda Women Volunteer Project
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UGANDA: Women Volunteer Project

This Uganda women volunteer project has a number of initiatives that aim to transform the livelihoods of these poor women through education, economic empowerment and entrepreneurship. You will be working with and helping women aged [Read More]

Uganda Sports Volunteer Project
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UGANDA: Sports Volunteer Project

Through our Uganda sports volunteer project we aim at enhancing the physical, social and emotional development of children and youth in Uganda. The Uganda Sports Volunteer Project provides at-risk children and youth a safe environment [Read More]

Uganda community volunteer work
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UGANDA: Community Volunteer Work

If you’re interested in volunteering in Uganda, Go Volunteer Africa provides safe, meaningful and truly affordable Uganda community volunteer work for travelers interested in making a positive impact in this Eastern Africa nation. Through our [Read More]

Uganda Conservation Volunteer Project

UGANDA: Conservation Volunteer Project

Through the Uganda conservation volunteer project, Go Volunteer Africa is giving you an opportunity to protect nature through a hands-on work experience which has a direct impact on the preservation of environments. Go Volunteer Africa [Read More]

Uganda Construction Volunteer Project

UGANDA: Construction Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Uganda Construction Volunteer Project is helping in rebuilding homes, schools, community centers, toilets, rain water harvest tanks and other important structures which are vital to healthy, happy communities in Uganda. The purpose [Read More]

Uganda Medical Volunteer Project
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UGANDA: Medical Volunteer Project

The Uganda Medical volunteer project offers skilled medical professionals with the chance to experience a new culture and working environment, while learning and developing their specialized medical knowledge. The Uganda medical volunteer project run by [Read More]

Uganda Childcare Volunteer Project

UGANDA: Childcare Volunteer Project

Go Volunteer Africa’s Uganda childcare volunteer project offer needy kids the love and parental care in our children homes. Come and volunteer, spend time with the children. Show them that love and give them support. [Read More]

Uganda Teaching Volunteer Project
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UGANDA: Teaching Volunteer Project

The Uganda Teaching volunteer project is an enriching and satisfying experience where the volunteer get the opportunity to teach children who are eager to improve their conversational English skills and other subjects. The volunteers serving [Read More]

Uganda Farm Work Volunteer Project

UGANDA: Farm Work Volunteer Project

The Uganda farm work volunteer project will bring you close to villagers in rural Uganda who have devoted their lives to farming as it is a practice, which has been passed down from generation to [Read More]