Best Affordable Volunteer in Zanzibar Opportunities

Volunteer in Zanzibar
Volunteer in Zanzibar

Go Volunteer Africa offers a broad range of volunteer projects in Zanzibar aimed at improving the living standards of the local people on this island. Volunteer opportunities in Zanzibar range from working at a local orphanage/children centre, teaching English, marine conservation or helping at a local hospital for medical professionals.

If you are looking for more than just a beach holiday or sunbathing, then Go Volunteer Africa can offer you the best affordable volunteer project in Zanzibar. Our Family volunteer vacations are the most popular programs in Zanzibar.

Go Volunteer Africa is the number one most trusted organization offering affordable volunteer placements in Zanzibar; we have been offering meaningful volunteer opportunities in Zanzibar for the last five years.

Volunteer opportunities are for anyone interested in contributing to meaningful sustainable development projects across the island, to improve on the living standards of local people.  Volunteer placements in Zanzibar give you an opportunity to discover the exotic islands of this archipelago whilst giving back to the locals who call it their home.

Go Volunteer Africa offers 4 main areas of programs: Nursing/Dental/Medical Electives, Education/Teaching, Childcare/Orphanage work and Marine Conservation.

For anyone interested in teaching volunteer work in Zanzibar you can teach English, geography, mathematics and physical education (games and sports) at community schools in Zanzibar.

For those dreaming of spending their time soaking up the sun, living on the spectacular coast and helping whales, dolphins and other wildlife species, well you can turn this into a reality by joining our marine conservation projects in Zanzibar.

If you are a skilled healthcare professional then volunteering on Go Volunteer Africa’ medical projects in Zanzibar can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! These placements are perfect if you are currently training for a career, or you are already working in this industry.

You can also help daycare, orphanage and school staff in daily jobs such as feeding, cleaning, clothing, teaching and playing games with the children. Our Childcare and Orphanage Volunteer work in Zanzibar program focuses on providing children with a healthy learning environment through interactive games and stories.

Your day to day involvement will depend upon the main focus of the program you choose at the time of your visit, however, Go Volunteer Africa’s marine conservation volunteers will be working with local scientists and conservationists monitoring wildlife, cleaning beaches, assisting research, working with local communities and also going out into the ocean to see whales and dolphins up close.

Volunteers working on a childcare and orphanage program will also be involved in various games and learning exercises to create interest in developing the children’s physical health and potential. As childcare & orphanage volunteer, you will have to play a significant role by providing the children with proper care, love and warmth.

For medical volunteers, you will be asked to provide proof of education and qualifications especially on skilled placements.

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