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Togo – The Thin Sliver of West Africa!

Go Volunteer Africa welcomes you to Togo a beautiful narrow country in West Africa. Togo is sandwiched between Ghana on the west and Benin on the east, with a small border with Burkina Faso to the north, and a 56km coastline on the Atlantic Ocean to the south.

Togo is full of diverse cultures, perfect beaches, butterfly-filled mountains, charming colonial towns and fishing villages where voodoo is part of everyday life.  Togo is probably one of the nicest places in Western Africa. Roads are pretty good, friendly people, hills and mountains waiting to be explored.

Togo is famous for Akodessewa Voodoo market, also known as the fetish market which refers to the traditional definition of fetish, meaning an object that is worshipped for magical powers because it is inhabited by a spirit.

For a small country it is extraordinary to think that there are forty ethnic groups, the majority being the Ewe, who live mostly in the south.  With Togo’s somewhat dark past, the country heavily relies on the tropical climate for agriculture. Go Volunteer Africa offers many meaningful volunteer opportunities in Togo.

2019 Outstanding Volunteering Opportunities in Togo

2019 Outstanding Volunteering Opportunities in Togo

Go Volunteer Africa is enabling people from around the world to share their skills and expertise with needy communities of Togo. We facilitate volunteering opportunities in Togo for individual solo travelers and groups, for a [Read More]

Top Go Volunteer Togo Opportunities

Go Volunteer Togo opportunities are for anyone interested in making a positive impact in Togo communities. Go Volunteer Africa offers volunteer Togo opportunities in areas of building, community outreaches on HIV/AIDS Awareness, organizing games and [Read More]

Volunteer in Togo with Go Volunteer Africa – the leading volunteer & travel organization in Africa. Go Volunteer Africa offers meaningful volunteer in Togo programs where you can experience the culture, language, food and the hospitable people of Togo and give back to make a positive difference in their lives.

Volunteer in Togo, help orphaned and needy children, improve education by teaching in local schools, empower local women initiatives, share your skills and experience through Go Volunteer Africa.

As a volunteer in Togo with Go Volunteer Africa you will:

  • Gain new perspectives and insight into another culture and yourself.
  • Experience another culture and country at a deep and personal level from the inside out.
  • Gain hands-on experience that will distinguish you on professional level for career development.
  • Make a positive impact on the community in the areas of education, childhood development, healthcare, and other social services.
  • Share with the Local members

No qualifications necessary, other than the ability to speak English or French. Minimum age to volunteer independently is 18 years old for the volunteer in Togo program.

We also encourage families to volunteer in Togo, where the minimum age for children volunteering is eight years old. We also accommodate both large and small groups in Togo. A volunteer must have no physical disability and ready to come and offer his or her time in Togo.

Go Volunteer Africa is the top rated and the leading volunteer & travel organization in Africa. We allow you to combine meaningful volunteer projects with action-packed adventure travel into the ultimate life-changing experience.

We are committed to provide you with affordable and truly amazing volunteer in Africa experience. Come join our meaningful volunteer in Togo programs and change the way you see the world!

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