GVA Travel is providing adventure combined with meaningful volunteer work in Thailand for people taking a gap year, career break, retirement or time out from education or just a mini-holiday throughout the year. GVA Travel offers many exciting volunteer and travel abroad experiences, mini-escapes and summer vacations, rural community insights and cultural immersion programs to Thailand.

The GVA Travel volunteer in Thailand program places volunteer travelers in a variety of projects including teaching volunteer workchildcare volunteer workconservation volunteer workconstruction volunteer workhealthcare volunteer work or sports coaching volunteer work. Our focus is to deliver an enriching and adventurous Asian holiday for people who also are dedicated to promoting ethical tourism principles.

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GVA Travel provides safe, affordable and meaningful volunteer placements in Thailand. Volunteering  in  Thailand with GVA Travel is a fantastic way for travelers to be able to give back to communities in need. Over 25 volunteers start on our volunteer program in Thailand every month, working on an incredible range of social, economical and educational projects. GVA Travel programs are the perfect way to meet new people, immerse yourself in new cultures and make a difference in deserving communities in Asia.