Volunteer Angola
Volunteer Angola

Top Go Volunteer Angola Opportunities

If you are planning to visit Angola, you are welcome to Go Volunteer Africa- the leading volunteer and travel organization. We are the only organization offering volunteer Angola opportunities and we combine these placements with [Read More]

Go Volunteer Malawi

Top Go Volunteer Malawi Opportunities

Go Volunteer Africa offers tons of different volunteer Malawi opportunities in Blantyre. Whether you would like to get involved in sustainable grassroots development projects, teaching placements, medical volunteering, youth empowerment or just childcare placements in Malawi, [Read More]

Our Destinations

Volunteer in Zambia

Zambia – the warm heart of Africa! Go Volunteer Africa welcomes you to Zambia a small landlocked country in Southern Africa that offers adventure, natural world wonder, rich cultural heritage and incredible wildlife viewing well [Read More]

Our Destinations

Volunteer in Botswana

Botswana – the jewel of Southern Africa! Go Volunteer Africa welcomes you to Botswana the jewel of southern Africa a land-locked country that borders Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Botswana is blessed with some [Read More]

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Volunteer Projects in Lesotho

Volunteer in Lesotho with Go Volunteer Africa’s community volunteer program. Go Volunteer Africa offers a range of volunteer projects in Lesotho, from Childcare support, Construction, Environment Conservation, Teaching, Youth work, Women empowerment, Sustainable livelihoods, Healthcare [Read More]