Volunteer in South Africa with the leading and largest volunteer travel organization in Africa. Go Volunteer Africa offers wildlife conservation and community development programs across South Africa. Explore the natural beauty and diversity of South Africa whilst making a positive impact. There are so many rewarding volunteering opportunities available through Go Volunteer Africa, from social welfare and education to eco-tourism and wildlife conservation, this resilient and intriguing country will leave a lasting impression on you.

South Africa is very advanced country but there is still extreme poverty and remote communities need help all year round. There are also shocking rates of wildlife poaching and more people are needed to raise awareness of conservation initiatives. You can be of help by volunteering in South Africa where you will get to experience this country, the people, culture and environment.

Go Volunteer Africa is dedicated to improving living standards, helping people and preserving the wildlife heritage of South Africa. South Africa is one of our most popular destinations in Africa and we can place you in programs throughout the country. If you have a passion for wildlife you could become involved in the award-winning conservation program at the world-renowned Shamwari Game Reserve which is spectacular.

Community Development Volunteer Programs in South Africa

Go Volunteer Africa is looking for people to work in carefully selected community development projects working with people in large cities and more remote locations. You can help in communities afflicted by and affected by HIV/AIDS, at creches, community centres, an orphanage and with women’s empowerment projects. There is the opportunity to help with women’s empowerment program, involving spinning of mohair wool, from our herd of Angora goats, which is then made up into mohair blankets and sold, the women involved in the project are mostly historical immigrants from Mozambique, and so subject to related problems, such as poor English knowledge, poor health, illegal status in South Africa and impoverished living conditions.

South Africa Safaris
South Africa Safaris

Some programs aim to provide a stable income from the sale of products and weekly community group sessions that provide an opportunity for the women involved to experience friendship and learn new skills. Each volunteer placement in South Africa has been chosen to ensure that the project is worthwhile and will provide an interesting cultural exchange where you can give back and make a difference – education and awareness is a big part of community efforts. For anyone wanting to assist with some hard (and easy) manual labour, consider contributing to construction projects where you can build schools and community centres helping to renovate and uplift pre schools.

Education & Teaching Volunteer Programs in South Africa

You could join volunteer teaching projects helping schools and community projects to provide education to children in genuine need of help and support. Township schools work with limited resources and benefit greatly from volunteer teachers. When working as a volunteer teacher in South Africa will work alongside local teachers with children of various ages. English language teachers and those with an aptitude for drama, arts, music and sport and a strong will to do good will really enjoy this experience.

Most placements are really fun and the children will enjoy having you helping. South Africa teaching volunteers could be placed in rural and urban schools matched specifically to their own interests and skills or anywhere in the Rainbow nation. There are amazing teaching programs you can join in Townships and Zulu Villages. These teaching projects are usually located in rural communities so be prepared for a rustic experience.

Volunteer with Animals in South Africa

A hands on experience where you will be given the opportunity to assist in maintaining the reserve first hand. There are reserves located throughout the country, most are privately managed with the goal of creating a safe environment for indigenous wildlife. In addition to cheetah, leopard, and hyena research they also plan to start a lion re-introduction program.  The responsibilities will include (but are not limited to) cheetah research and monitoring, leopard project assistance, buffalo monitoring, fence checks, reserve maintenance and all aspects of wildlife conservation and management.

South Africa Tours
South Africa Tours

There are ranches which are a South African Natural Heritage Site and support the proactive breeding of rare Sable and Roan Antelope. Some reserves boasts over 2500 head of game, including leopard, buffalo, black and white rhino, giraffe, hippo, eland and kudu. Volunteers can get involved in a wide variety of activities ranging from daily feeding and counting of game, tracking and monitoring different animals on the ranch and helping out with the research and breeding programs. Tasks can include tracking animals, collaring and monitoring, game capturing, management and relocating, reserve/vegetation management and maintenance including fence monitoring and poaching prevention.

Volunteer & Coach Sports in South Africa

These projects operate throughout the country but there are well respected programs in the Kysnea region of South Africa which is spectacular with a beautiful coast and mountains inland. You will get to see a lot more of this country as there are lots of sightseeing excursions and extras available with these volunteer programs in South Africa. If you share a love of sport and would like to make a difference in South Africa these projects will appeal to you. No previous sports coaching experience is needed and there are no eligibility criteria.









Cost (USD$)


1 week


  • Placement Booking & Confirmation
  • Pre-departure support & documentation
  • Project orientation
  • Project Donation (Support for Resources)
  • Accommodation
  • Three meals a day
  • Airport pickup
  • In-country emergency support
  • 24-hour international HQ back-up

2 weeks


3 weeks


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5 weeks


6 weeks


7 weeks

$ 1920

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9 weeks

$ 2320

10 weeks


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+ $220



Flights: Flights are not included in our program costs. However, GVA has partnered with an experienced and professional team of travel experts to help our volunteer travelers find the best flight deals for their trips with us. This travel specialist operates in the tailor-made, long haul multi-stop travel market, arranging complex airfares and transfers for independent travelers.




Insurance: You'll need to buy appropriate travel insurance covering your participation on the program. You won't be able to go without the right travel insurance so double check to avoid disappointment. Please make sure that you're covered for the whole duration of your trip – from the day you leave your home to the day you return.


To participate in this program, you have to fill an online application form, and submit it for consideration. After application process and acceptance into the program, you will be required to pay 50% of the program fee within 14 days of your acceptance. Failure to make the placement booking and confirmation payment will lead to cancelation of your program.

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