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Welcome to Senegal – The Gateway to Africa!

Senegal is a country in Western Africa. With the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Senegal has Guinea-Bissau to the south, Guinea to the southeast, Mali to the east, and Mauritania to the north. The Gambia is almost an enclave of Senegal in the middle of the western coast.

Tourism has grown to be an important part of the Senegalese economy. The coolest place in west Africa, and one of the best countries in the world just to hang out, Senegal is famed for its tropical beauty and thriving arts scene. Its almost-Parisian capital Dakar – often called Grand Dakar – is a decompression chamber for people flying in from Europe, with air-conditioned patisseries amid sprawling slums..

The country, about the size of England and Scotland combined, is generally flat. The southern region of Casamance, which is emerging from 20 years of separatist fighting, is lushly tropical. Other popular destinations are Dakar, the five national parks, the resorts at Cap Skiring, the World Heritage Sites of Gore Island (from where slaves were shipped to the New World), and St-Louis, a fading colonial town. The best time to visit is during the dry season, from December to April.

While basic French will come in handy, there are English-speaking guides in most places.

The country is seen as a model for democracy and stability in the region, and with its peaceful and hospitable culture, it’s an ideal choice for a first-time visitor to Africa.

Senegal is one of the easiest countries to visit in west Africa and is most tourist’s first taste of the region. And while many of these people will be heading for cultural immersion in cities like Dakar and Saint Louis, the country is also blessed with plenty of natural attractions worth discovering.

Located in the northwestern part of Africa, Senegal is a country where fascinating native cultures blend together with French influences. Within its boundaries, volunteers can experience diverse climates, landscapes, and cultures. Senegal has a long history of working towards peace on the international stage, since it gained independence in 1960.

However, it struggles mostly with high unemployment and a growing youth population. Most certainly, the country and its people are very welcoming to volunteers who wish to make a difference in a developing country; in fact, Senegal is a constant recipient of international aid. It also has a thriving tourism industry. For those interested in teaching, working in care centers or community centers, or working in clinics and hospitals, while even brushing up on French, Senegal may be the right place for them.

Volunteer in Senegal!

Volunteer in Senegal program offered by Go Volunteer Africa include working in medical care projects, teaching in schools, childcare program and youth empowerment projects. The volunteer in Senegal program is open to volunteers from all backgrounds and worldwide. This volunteer in Senegal program is perfect for volunteer travelers who would wish to improve their French language skills.

Volunteer in Senegal as a teacher and get involved in school tasks, like teaching English, French, sports coaching and so many other skills. Volunteers in Senegal under Go Volunteer Africa, get an opportunity of total culture immersion and deep community engagement.

If you choose to volunteer in Senegal at any of our orphanage project, you will be making a positive contribution in enriching the lives of Senegalese orphans. You will play a vital role in giving a new brighter direction to Senegalese orphans.

Go Volunteer Africa accepts individuals, couples, families, students, researchers, and groups (churches, colleges, and student associations) in our volunteer program in Senegal.

The volunteer in Senegal is open all year round and we you can spend your gap year or summer holiday with us in Senegal.

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