Volunteer in Morocco

Volunteer in Morocco

Volunteer in Morocco! Morocco is Known for its uniquely rich culture centered on religion and tradition and abundance of beaches, mountains, ranges, and deserts, which makes it popular as “The Arab West.” A country of dazzling diversity, Morocco has epic mountains, sweeping deserts and ancient cities, and it greets volunteers and travelers with warm hospitality and the perfect glass of mint tea.


Morocco is a unique country in North Africa, with the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea as its border. It is one of the top travel destinations in Africa. While Morocco is known for impressive geographic diversity and culture, there are so many more positive things the country is famous for that continue to attract visitors and tourists from all over the world.

Morocco is famous for dazzling and exotic things, which are enough to guarantee a visit to the Mystical Northern African country would be an unforgettable experience. It is known for its diverse geography, traditional-filled culture, and famous majestic cities. In addition, Morocco boasts complex history and rich culture, giving you a feeling of Middle Eastern adventure.

It’s also known for its abundance of cats, music, food, never-ending sand, magnetic Marrakech medina, and much more. Anytime you visit this North African country, use the opportunity to volunteer and leave a positive mark in the country.

Volunteering in Morocco


Volunteer in Morocco program offered by Go Volunteer Africa include working in medical care projects, teaching in schools, childcare program and youth empowerment projects. The Morocco volunteer program is open to volunteers from all backgrounds and worldwide. 

Volunteer in Morocco as a teacher and get involved in school tasks, like teaching English, French, sports coaching and so many other skills. Volunteers get an opportunity of total culture immersion and deep community engagement. If you choose to volunteer with us at our childcare project, you will be making a positive contribution in enriching the lives of vulnerable children. 

Community Volunteer Work

Go Volunteer Africa accepts individuals, couples, families, students, researchers, and groups in our Morocco volunteer program. Go Volunteer Africa placements in Morocco are combined with superb tours and vacation adventures.

Volunteering Morocco program is open all year round. The program offers you meaningful ways to experience the culture, language, food and the hospitable people of this beautiful country and give back to make a positive difference in their lives.


If you are planning to start the program in less than 3 months from now (start within 12 weeks from date of application), Fill Volunteer application form. If you are planning to start program more than 3 months from now (start within 13 weeks and above – up to 24 months) or if you are not very certain of the exact start dates- just reserve your placement by filling volunteer reservation form. or Simply Make an inquiry here

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