Volunteer in Malawi

Malawi- The Warm Heart of Africa!

Go Volunteer Africa welcomes you to the legendary warm heart of Africa- Malawi. Thinking about going on volunteer holiday or safari in Africa? – Malawi should be the answer! Experience the unrivalled combination of Lake, Landscape, Wildlife & Culture in this beautiful small country of Africa.

Malawi is a small, narrow, landlocked country in sub-Saharan Africa. Malawi is bordered by Mozambique to the south and east, Tanzania to the north, Zambia to the west. Lake Malawi, the third largest lake in Africa, runs along most of its eastern border.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Malawi is making efforts to overcome decades of underdevelopment, corruption and the impact of an HIV-Aids problem, which claims the lives of tens of thousands every year.

You can visit, travel and volunteer in Malawi throughout the year with Africa’s leading volunteer and travel organization – Go Volunteer Africa.  Go Volunteer Africa allows you to give back to communities in Malawi while exploring the amazing diversity and rich cultural history of Malawi.

Go Volunteer Africa provides safe, affordable and meaningful volunteer and adventure travel programs in Malawi. We offer vast variety of programs, summer holidays, spring break, cultural exchange programs, internships, gap year programs and adventure tours in Malawi.

Volunteer in Malawi!

Volunteering in Malawi, with Go Volunteer Africa is an incredibly rewarding and worthwhile experience. Go Volunteer Africa offers volunteers in Malawi a unique experience to live within the local community. Our volunteer in Malawi projects are meaningful, sustainable and affordable.

Our choice of volunteer in Malawi programs include working with orphans, women empowerment Programs, Health/HIV programs, Teaching English, Summer Volunteer Programs, Street Children programs and more. You can join our volunteer in Malawi program, as an individual, as a group or even choose to volunteer in Malawi with your family.

Volunteers contribute to sustainable development projects in Malawi communities. Go Volunteer Africa endeavors to make a difference by offering development programs, training skills, stimulating local economies and creating opportunities for people from different cultures.

We will provide you with personal development and an in-depth experience of Malawi. You are advised to come prepared, show initiative, and be self-motivated.

We also offer wildlife conservation volunteer opportunities in animal sanctuaries in Malawi. Volunteer in Africa with Go Volunteer Africa- Africa’s leading volunteer & travel organization.

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