Volunteer in Ghana

Volunteer in Ghana
Volunteer in Ghana

Welcome to Ghana – Africa for beginners !

Discover Ghana, the ‘Africa for beginners,’, a country packed with surprises and that has something for every type of traveler. Ghana offers a combination of off-the-beaten path natural landscapes and bustling coastal cities, while offering important traces of harrowing history too. Ghana is bordered by the Ivory Coast in the west, Burkina Faso in the north, Togo in the east and the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean in the south. The word Ghana means “Warrior King” in the Soninke language.

Ghana has enjoyed stable democracy and incredible development and one of Africa’s true success stories. The country is filled with joyful, welcoming people, sunny beaches, rich culture, lively cities, tons of wildlife, and easy access to all parts of the country.

Whether you’re a solo traveler or with a family, on your summer holiday or you plan to travel to Ghana for business, Go Volunteer Africa has something for you in Ghana.

Volunteer in Ghana!

With our volunteer in Ghana program we allow you to discover the wonders and adventures of Ghana, while doing meaningful and rewarding community development work. This is a great opportunity to explore life in Ghana, live and work amongst the locals and realize one person can make a difference.

As a volunteer in Ghana, you will experience traditional life and participate in daily volunteer projects such as visiting elderly villagers and nursing homes to help the elderly, construction and building, teaching children in outside classrooms, assisting in the setting up vegetable gardens, youth health talks, high school English teaching, women empowering projects, feeding animals as well as health outreach programs and so many other activities.

GVA runs a diverse range of volunteer projects in Ghana, so whether you are a professional or a student, you will be able to find a volunteer project that suits your interests, experience or studies.You will be encouraged to take part in a flexible schedule which will include some or all the activities offered by the Volunteer in Ghana program. The exchange of ideas, experiences and culture is encouraged.

Go Volunteer Africa’s volunteer in Ghana opportunities are for people of all ages and backgrounds which enables you to have an active part in helping develop a local community. We offer volunteer in Ghana projects for groups and individuals.

Go Volunteer Africa recruits and places volunteers with community based projects and schools around Ghana. Through our volunteer in Ghana placement program, we aim to build the capacities of local projects and raise awareness around the world about the successes and challenges of life in Ghana.

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