Unforgettable Volunteer Projects in Kenya

Volunteer Projects in Kenya
Volunteer Projects in Kenya

Planning for volunteer abroad, gap year and work overseas, in school break or volunteering projects in Kenya? Go Volunteer Africa offers affordable volunteer projects in Kenya for individuals/ couples/ families/ groups and students to make great contribution and bring changes in the lives of the local communities in need. Doing a voluntary work in Kenya will also help you to get immersed in the local Kenyan culture.

Kenyans are known to be friendly people; this is one of the best reasons to work as a Volunteer in Kenya. Volunteering in Kenya is a great opportunity to learn a new culture from inside out. It shows you the incredible beauty, diversity and also the discovery of new life. Volunteering in Kenya is amazing for people who already know about Kenyan culture and it represents a surprising atmosphere for those who don’t know about its culture.

Volunteering is a memorable life moments which you give back to the community. By joining the Volunteer in Kenya programs Go Volunteer Africa offers you the chance to improve the life of people in rural areas and teach them English, teach tribal communities, work in the women empowerment program for underprivileged women, work in an orphanage, work in health programs, work in theatre workshops and care for children in slums.

Presently we are running our Volunteer Projects in Nairobi, Mombasa, Lamu and Kericho.


Wildlife & Marine Conservation Volunteer Projects in Kenya

Wildlife and Marine Conservation is one of our most popular volunteer projects in Kenya. The program works to protect the natural ecosystems and biodiversity. Driven by a need to raise awareness and foster change concerning pollution and marine biodiversity, collaborative conservation of sea turtle has been an integral part for GVA work and its partners in Lamu, coastal Kenya. Volunteers are welcome throughout the year.

Slum Children Volunteer Projects in Kenya

Our partner in Nairobi is running a center for the Street/slum children in Kenya which are found on the streets, traffic signals, railway stations and Bus Stands. We have a team of local volunteers which is already supporting these children. Volunteers are needed throughout the year.

Childcare and Orphanage Volunteer Projects in Kenya

The Children placed in Orphanage really need love & care, just like other children. Every child needs love, kindness, attention and care. When the little human beings are born, they should be surrounded by loving people. But unfortunately, life dictates its harsh laws, and many children do not have anyone close who would care. We need volunteers for this project because having volunteers with them at all time makes them happy and they feel that they have somebody taking care of them.

Sports and Theater Volunteer Projects in Kenya

Do you like helping amateur children & young people in acting, drama and play movie roles in theater? Or you are interested in athletics and sports? Then you are in right place. Go Volunteer Africa offers you an opportunity to take part in the Theater and Sports Volunteering in Nairobi.

Teaching Volunteer Projects in Kenya

Education is necessary for every child in order for society and communities to develop. Bring your knowledge and skills to eager kids. If you want to volunteer by teaching in Kenya, this is the greatest opportunity.

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