Uganda Community Clinic Construction Summer Volunteer Work

Construction Summer Volunteer Work
Construction Summer Volunteer Work

This summer join a team of other volunteers who will work on a sustainable healthcare project with an aim of constructing a clinic for a rural community in Uganda through our Construction Summer Volunteer Work.

When your volunteer vacation comes to an end, you’ll be tired and a bit dirty. But, you will have made a big difference in the lives of local community. You’ll leave the village with visible proof of the work you’ve done and happy memories of the people you’ve helped.


Work Camp 1:

  • Start Date: June 8st – 21st June – 2020
  • Duration: 14 days (2 weeks)
  • Arrival Dates: 7th – June – 2020

Work camp 2:

  • Start & End Dates: July 6th – 19th July – 2020
  • Duration: 14 days (2 weeks)
  • Arrival Date: 5th – July 2020

Work Camp 3:

  • Start & End Dates: August 3rd – 16th August – 2020
  • Duration: 14 days (2weeks)
  • Arrival Date: 2nd August 2020


This program will promote and improve the quality of healthcare in rural Mukono district of Uganda. The main focus is lifelong healthcare system for sustainable development and improvement on their quality of life.

Construction Summer Volunteer work Uganda
Construction Summer Volunteer work Uganda

This is a developed integrated approach to our healthcare support program. The volunteering program is under our Sustainable Healthcare Program (SHP). This approach will focus on construction and facilitation of a clinic in the rural community by teams of developmental volunteers.

Healthcare is the foundation for sustainable development. At the end of the project August 2020, your contribution would have changed the lives of about 3000 community dwellers of this rural community and surrounding villages who would be coming to the clinic for medical treatment, antenatal care, HIV/AIDS support and much other medical support.

By building a clinic, you can help the local people get the healthcare services they deserve. The overall health of the community members will also improve. With new constructed clinic, diseases such as typhoid and diarrhoea will begin to lose their grip and infant mortality rates will improve.

You can help build a clinic even if you have never picked-up a hammer before. This Go Volunteer Africa’s volunteer vacation program offer developmental volunteers a chance to travel to Uganda and start and construct a clinic with a team of friendly like-minded international volunteers alongside the local community.

This unique opportunity lets you get your hands dirty and actually see what a difference you’ve made before you head back home. But, don’t think it’s all about hard work. The program also give you the chance to travel around the communities you are working in, explore the country, and get to know the people you are helping.

Construction Summer Volunteer work Uganda
Construction Summer Volunteer work Uganda

Arrival Time and Date:

Volunteers interested in participating in this program, should arrive in Uganda before the start date of the project. If you think the work camp dates are not favorable for you but you would like to contribute towards the construction of a community clinic, please write to us and we shall arrange a placement for you.

Volunteers can arrive anytime of the day or night, through Entebbe International Airport or by bus through Kenya and pick up can be arranged.

When a volunteer arrives in Uganda, our Coordinator meets them at the airport or bus stop and brings them to our volunteer home in Mukono.


Orientation will be done on the program start date at and volunteers will be shown around the grounds and construction site and will be introduced to the work and counterparts. This training provides volunteers with a very detailed understanding of how to be acquainted in Uganda’s Life and culture.

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