TUNISIA: Discovery Tour & Community Volunteering

Tunisia Volunteering Tour
Tunisia Volunteering Tour

This Tunisia volunteering tour will take you along the Mediterranean coast of Northern Africa, south of Malta plus Italy where lies Tunisia a country with a wealth of ancient civilization dating back from the Phoenicians, the Arabs, the French and the Roman whose remains are still visible is in some parts of the country.

Go Volunteer Africa offers Tunisia volunteering Tours that give you the chance to discover the vast desert and the archaeological and historical sites in Tunisia while making a positive impact on the communities you visit and explore in Tunisia.


  • Work with our arts project
  • Coach sports and games
  • Teach French and other languages
  • Take up a medical care job
  • Get involved in our environment conservation project.
  • Visit the national museum of Bardo
  • Explore Tunis
  • Travel to one of the best preserved roman historical sites in all of Tunisia, Dougga.
  • Visit the numerous historic and geological sites of the region
  • Visit the impressive mosque Sidi Okba, founded in the 7th century
  • Visit Zaghouan
  • Explore Sousse

Tunisia has for a very long time been looked at as a comfy first-taste on the African continent, a sunny, all year round getaway, with vibrant beach resorts on its coastline covering 650 miles. With nice roads plus excellent railways, it’s not hard to explore, from the historical remains in Carthage to the huge arid Sahara desert.

The country has varied terrains which together with its golden sandy beaches plus the sparkling blue waters have made it a favorite tourist destination.  Go Volunteer Africa arranges high quality, authentic, private and group volunteer tours to Tunisia.


Explore the highlights of Tunisia through our volunteering tour. Go Volunteer Africa’s Tunisia volunteering tour will offer you the most fantastic opportunity to discover the best of Tunisia while making a difference.

Tunisia is the smallest country in North Africa, yet Tunisia offers variety of landscapes and sights- from Mediterranean beaches to the Sahara desert, from ancient souks to Star Wars film sets. Start off in the capital city of Tunis where you’ll explore the medina, the ancient city of Carthage and the Bardo Museum which houses one of the most important collections of mosaics in the world.

Tunisia Tours - Go Volunteer Africa
Tunisia Tours – Go Volunteer Africa

Spend five days volunteering and sharing your skills with the people of Tunisia. You just have to let us know your skills and we will organize the perfect placement for you and information is available for you. The type of work you are involved with will be dependent on your interests, abilities, level of experience as well as your comfort levels.

Spend a day exploring the Roman cities of Bulla Regia and Dougga. Continue down to the holy city of Kairouan where you will discover the city with your private guide. Explore the one of the largest Amphitheatres anywhere in the Roman – El Jem. See the ancient city of Thuburbo Majas before returning to Tunis for your flight home or goodbye party.

Day 1: Tunis

Our Coordinator will provide a transfer from the airport. Upon arrival at the hotel you will meet with your fellow volunteers.

Accommodation: Dar El Medina: This hotel is a converted traditional house located right in the Tunis Medina. It features whitewashed and tiled surroundings, with latticed windows. The many-leveled mansion is a surprise after the narrow street, with inner courtyards providing light, space and shade.

Day 2 – 7: Tunis Volunteer work & Tour

You will have the opportunity to try different roles and projects in Tunis, dependent on your interests and skills. These volunteer opportunities in Tunisia do not require specialized skills (although these would be an advantage), and we accept volunteers for both short and long-term placements, all the year round.

Volunteers certainly gain an amazing life experience from their participation in our placement program in Tunisia. On first arrival, most volunteers sample all the projects before selecting the tasks that suit them best.

Projects include: Arts Project, Environment Conservation, Teaching, Games & Sports, Medical and culture immersion experience

During your time in Tunis, enjoy a full day of touring beginning with a visit to the National Museum of Bardo. This museum holds an extensive collection of ancient Roman mosaic, considered one of the largest, complete collections in the world. Next, visit the Medina of Tunis, exploring the narrow souk lined streets before heading to lunch.

Head out to visit the ancient city of Carthage.  Explore the ruins which surround this once prosperous Roman city including stops at the Tophet, the Phoenician cemetery, the Punic Harbours, Antonin’s Bath, the Carthage Museum and the Saint Louis Cathedral. Continue from here to the village of Sidi Bou Said, boasting spectacular breathtaking views of the Gulf of Tunis.

Day 8: Tunis – El Kef

Depart from Tunis and travel to one of the best preserved Roman historical sites in all of Tunisia, Dougga. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, Dougga is an outstanding example of ancient Roman architecture, with numerous well preserved columns and structures spread across this 65 hectare site. Next, head out to explore the archaeological site of Bulla Regia, known for its semi-subterranean housing, and outstanding collection of Roman mosaics.

The charming Dar Chennoufi lies in the heart of a region once known as the kingdom of Jugurtha, amidst a six hectare olive grove, only a few kilometers from the medina of Le Kef.

Accommodation: Dar Chennoufi: This hotel welcomes its guests with its truly convivial and authentic atmosphere. Surrounded by nature and exquisite quietness, Dar Chennoufi is an excellent starting point to visit the numerous historic and geological sites of the region and a perfect place to relax, discover or refresh oneself.

Day 9: El Kef – Tunis – Kairouan

Enjoy breakfast, bright and early in the morning before departing toward the city of Makthar. Formerly known as Mactaris during the reign of the Roman Empire, this ancient location is littered with ruins of Roman architecture. Explore the many arches, amphitheaters and temples of this once occupied city, before traveling to the holy city of Kairouan.

Set out to Kairouan for a walk through this holy Islamic city, founded in 671 by Okba Ibn Nafâa. It centralized location, proved beneficiary in adding to its renowned reputation for unique, elegant carpet manufacturing, which feature across a wide range of mosques. Visit the impressive Mosque Sidi Okba, founded in the 7th century; this marvel reflects the greatness of the Islam Empire during this era. Visit the Aghlabiden pool, the city’s main water reservoir, followed by a stop at Saint Abou Zemaa El Balaoui, also known as the “prophet Berber”.  Explore the old town (Medina) and enjoy walking through its characteristic markets (the souks).

Accommodation: La Kasbah: La Kasbah is seated in Kairouan, the focal point for many Muslim pilgrims traveling from around the world. With a simple, Arab-influenced layout and design. Pass the time lounging by the pool or sipping Turkish coffee at the cafe.

Day 10: Sousse – Kairouan

Depart for El Jem, a once thriving Roman agricultural region, with its grandiose Colosseum, second only in size to that of Rome, attests to the area’s great wealth during the Roman reign. The sight of this amphitheater rising in the distance like a Colossus is both wondrous and slightly strange as the present surroundings give no hint of its former importance. It was the scene of games and circuses during the ancient Roman times, with a capacity of holding 35000 viewers. Next, depart to Mahdia, the first capital of the Fatimid dynasty, situated on a rocky peninsula, 1500m in length and less than 500m in width. Upon your arrival a time slot is allocated to explore the Medina.

Accommodation: El Mouradi Palace: El Mouradi Palace is an Arabian style hotel which offers high standard accommodation and leisure facilities.

Day 11: Sousse – Tunis

After breakfast, the Tunisia volunteering tour begins with a visit to Zaghouan. This quaint town is famed for its roses, which were originally cultivated by Muslim refugees whom departed Spain in the 17th century.  Zaghouan is also known as the source location of water used to feed the city of Carthage, via aqueduct, during Roman times. Next, depart to Tuburbo Majus, or Colonia Julia Aurelia Commoda, as it was referred to during the Roman era, which was originally a Punic town converted into a Roman veteran’s colony. Continue to Tunis, stopping along the way to take photos of some ancient Roman aqueducts.

Accommodation: Golden Tulip: The Golden Tulip Carthage Tunis hotel is on dazzling Gammarth Bay, overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, combining Business and Leisure.  We have chosen this oasis of calm, tucked amid greenery, for the splendid views as well as nearby ancient sites.

Day 12: Tunis Good bye party/ Barbecue night

Your friends at the Tunisia volunteering tour program will organize a party for you and barbecue night to thank you for the service and your contribution.

Come experience the beauty of Tunisia while making a developmental contribution through this Tunisia Volunteering tour! Let us plan and organize your visit to Tunisia! Go Volunteer Africa offers local support in Tunisia, because we are the locals and the largest volunteer travel organization across Africa.


Availability: Project open all year round
Duration: 12 Days (Can be tailored to suit your budget & Interests)
Age Limits: Minimum 18yrs or older for solo travelers.
Minimum Age: 6 to 17 yrs if traveling with parent/guardian
Dates: Flexible start and end dates
Arrival dates: One day before the start date
Airport Arrival: Airport pickup, meet and greet by GVA partner representative
Trip Cost: USD$ 3,260
Weekends: Travel / Sightseeing included in program cost
Accommodation: Select Hotels
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
Support: Pre-departure guide, In-country staff available 24/7
Location: Tunis
Language: English / French

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