The Lesotho Experience

Lesotho Summer Volunteer Experience
Lesotho Summer Volunteer Experience

Visit Lesotho on this 21 days Lesotho Summer Volunteer Experience, a kingdom packed with gorgeous mountains and unique culture and discover how this tiny country earned its title as Africa’s “Kingdom in the Sky”. Lesotho is located in Southern Africa, and because of its high altitude is also known as the Kingdom in the Sky.

This s the only one country in the world that is entirely located above 1000m above sea level. Because of its location, Lesotho provides a wide range of activities that can be performed in nature: fishing, hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, and even skiing. Lesotho is surrounded by South Africa and can be very interesting tourist destination.

Lesotho’s mountainous topography not only gives credit to the country’s unique title but sets the stage as the perfect destination for outdoor adventure.

Lesotho is beautiful, culturally rich and famous for its spectacular scenic beauty, breathtaking mountain ranges, towering peaks, a rich variety of flora and fauna, crystal clear streams, surging waterfalls and awesome adventure.

Go Volunteer Africa invites you to volunteer & travel in the beautiful mountain kingdom of Lesotho through our 21 days Lesotho summer volunteer experience.

Volunteer and traveling across Lesotho with Go Volunteer Africa will be a stimulating and provoking experience. The Lesotho Summer Volunteer experience program will provide an unforgettable eye opening experience for the summer holiday.

Maletsunyane Falls Lesotho Summer Volunteer Travel
Maletsunyane Falls Lesotho Summer Volunteer Travel

The program will bring you an unforgettable cultural, travel and volunteering experience. The participants of the summer program will do volunteer work in Maseru for two weeks and after that explore the sights of Lesotho for 7 more days in group.

Lesotho is more than worth a visit – not just because of its awesome landscapes and its incredible bio-diversity. It is simply moving to see how the people overcome daily challenges and how they fight for a normal and better life.

Program Overview:

  • Arrival Date: 3rd October 2020
  • Start Date: 5th October 2020
  • End Date: 23rd October 2020
  • Location: Maseru (surrounding communities)
  • Age Limit: 18 Years + (for Solo travelers)
  • Duration: 21 days
  • Working days: Monday to Friday
  • Working hours: 4-6 hours/day
  • Accommodation: Volunteer House

Volunteer Work Option: At a one-to-one skype/email interview we’ll discuss your skills, experience and of course, preferences to ensure that you’re assigned to the right project during your stay with us in Lesotho (orphanage support, youth & sports, women support, construction & photography work).

Katse Dam Lesotho Summer Volunteer Travel
Katse Dam Lesotho Summer Volunteer Travel

Full Program details:

As mentioned earlier, Lesotho holds the pride of being the only country elevated entirely above 1000m in the whole world. Therefore, it is renowned as the ‘Kingdom in the sky.‘ It is full of towering mountains and sky-scraping peaks. Undoubtedly, it is ideal for anyone who craves for a timeless adventure.

Go Volunteer Africa gives you an opportunity to volunteer in Lesotho this summer while exploring the amazing diversity and rich cultural history of this wonderful Kingdom.

We have combined this Lesotho summer volunteer experience with tours to discover the gem of the mountain Kingdom. Participants in the program will be engaged in a number of activities, like working with orphaned children and minor construction work.

Lesotho is a rustic yet scenic country nestled in the middle of South Africa. You will experience the gem of the hilly villages, the ambiance of richly decorated raging waterfalls and wide and clear rivers.

You will experience and explore the Basotho people’s unique hospitality and an eternally sunny climate; it is in the topographical extremes of the Lesotho Mountains that adventure travelers and nature lovers find Lesotho’s appeal.

Kome Caves Lesotho Summer Volunteer Travel
Kome Caves Lesotho Summer Volunteer Travel

Volunteers will be placed in existing projects, working alongside local people. Our Lesotho summer volunteer experience program is essentially designed to provide independent experiences which promote integration with the local people.

Summary Lesotho Summer Volunteer Itinerary:

Day 01:  Saturday: Maseru, Lesotho, Arrival

Meet & greet by our representative and have private/group road transfer to the volunteer house. Have very warmly welcome drink check in and relax.

Day 02: Sunday: Group introduction & Orientation

After a very delicious breakfast at the volunteer house, an orientation and group introduction will be organized.

Day 03-7: Monday to Friday

Volunteer Work begins

Day 08 -9: Saturday & Sunday: Bird watching, hiking and Free day

Over the first weekend the group will drive to Maluti, the home for nearly 300 bird species. This is the great zone for bird enthusiasts and a perfect place for bird watching. Lesotho is a home to many native and rare species like Bearded vultures and the black eagle. Back to Maseru by the late evening.

Lesotho is also a hiker’s paradise. Mountainous, rugged, and incredibly scenic, Lesotho is a place of awe inspiring beauty. Volunteer participants will take advantage of the various national parks and nature reserves where they will find many wonderful hiking trails for both the avid and less experienced hiker.

Day 10 – 14: Monday to Friday

Volunteer Work

Day 15- 20: Pony Trekking, Water Sports, Thaba Bosiu, Quad Biking, Skiing, Abseiling, Dams & Kome Cave

Volunteer participants will enjoy the world class trekking on the famed Basotho pony. Treks will take you across the pristine mountain ranges of both the high and lowlands where you will discover the Basotho people. Many still live traditionally in simple stone and thatch huts.

Those interested in water sports, this will be a great opportunity for plenty of water sports, both serene and extreme. Canoe the Mohale or Katse Dams, the highest dam in Africa. Kayak the Senqu River. Try white water rafting, small boat sailing or trout fishing in the mountain streams.

Kayak the Senqu River Lesotho Summer Volunteer Travel
Kayak the Senqu River Lesotho Summer Volunteer Travel

Maletsunyane Falls also holds the Guinness World Record for the highest commercial abseil point in the world. The spectacular 204m drop attracts daredevils from around the world. This is adventure travel at its best. You cannot visit Lesotho and miss Maletsunyane Falls, whether you are seeking an adrenaline rush or just to admire this natural wonder.

Once the capital of Lesotho, Thaba Bosiu mountain is both a natural attraction and one of the most important historical sites in Lesotho. The 120m high plateau is where King Moeshoeshoe the First established his rule of the Kingdom of Lesotho in the early 19th century. It is also where he and his predecessors rest peacefully today.

The plateau formed a natural fortress, a place to gather the Basotho people during times of danger or extended sieges. Climb the mountain from the Thaba Bosiu cultural village and you will see the remains of the king’s mountaintop dwellings. This is where the story of Lesotho’s past is told.

The Katse Dam, high in the Maluti Mountains was constructed as part of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. It is the second largest dam in Africa. The Mohale Dam, at 145m it is the second-largest in Lesotho and the highest concrete-faced rock-filled dam in Africa. An entire mountain was crushed to build this dam.

Volunteers will not miss the Kome Cave, a fascinating village of cave dwellings carved underneath towering rocks. Past generations of Basotho fled to these caves to hide from cannibals who inhabited the area. Descendants of the original people who built the caves still live there, much as their forefathers did almost two centuries ago.

Day 21: Drop-off at Moshoeshoe I International Airport

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