2021 Summer Volunteer Programs
Summer Deals

Where Will You Volunteer Summer 2021?

Knowledgeable and able-bodied volunteers are in great demand for our 2021 Summer Volunteer Programs across Africa. 2021 Summer volunteer opportunities are available in over 45 program destinations from 2-8 weeks. Go Volunteer Africa’s 2021 summer [Read More]

Togo Summer Volunteer Opportunities
2 Weeks Specials

TOGO: Summer Volunteer Opportunities

These Togo summer volunteer opportunities are perfect for students who only have a few weeks off between semesters, as well as working adults with limited vacation time. If you are a retiree, lucky you! Let’s explore the [Read More]

Lesotho Summer Volunteer Experience
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21 Days Lesotho Summer Volunteer Experience

Visit Lesotho on this 21 days Lesotho Summer Volunteer Experience, a kingdom packed with gorgeous mountains and unique culture and discover how this tiny country earned its title as Africa’s “Kingdom in the Sky”. Lesotho [Read More]

Zambia Summer Volunteer Programs
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ZAMBIA: Summer Volunteer Programs

If you want to do something rewarding this summer holiday, we highly recommend apply to participate in our Zambia summer volunteer programs. Zambia is characterized by people who are resilient, entrepreneurial, compassionate, and spirited. Go [Read More]

Zanzibar Summer Volunteer Vacations
Summer Deals

ZANZIBAR: Summer Volunteer Vacations

Join our Zanzibar summer volunteer vacations and discover the colors Of Zanzibar with Go Volunteer Africa, one of the best volunteer travel operators providing the best programs. There are four main areas where you can [Read More]