Sister Schools Program for Africa

Does your school need International Volunteers? Or you are looking for a sister school from Europe, North America & Australia for your local school?

If one of those situations describes your school, you’re sure to gain from the work of Go Volunteer Africa, where we help schools in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya to recruit volunteers and also help link them with partner (sister) schools like the Ascot International School in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America. We are running a sister schools program since 2011 and this has empowered many schools around Africa and also benefited many school children from Europe, North America and Australia

We can send volunteers to school project ranging from 1-30 volunteers and volunteers do a variety of activities from teaching classes, working with children and construction work as well administration tasks like fundraising.

The value that volunteers provide is undeniable, they not only provide tremendous support and assistance, and they reinforce the partnership you may be working hard to develop.

International Volunteers can help in many ways to support teachers and improve academic programs at your school. Volunteers can benefit a school in concrete ways and in ways that are not quite so obvious. For example and international volunteer can help work as Public Relations agent for your school, they can help build enthusiasm in the community for what’s going on in your school.

The volunteers we refer to your school can help you spread the word to the rest of the world.

So if you feel your school (Nursery, Primary or Secondary) can benefit from the volunteers referred by Go Volunteer Africa this year, please email us, organize to meet us