Seniors Without Borders- volunteer holidays for over 50s- but young-at-heart traveller. Many volunteer organizations are catering for the 18-35 something traveler. But what about the volunteer who has reached the age when s/he has plenty of time and experience to make things happen and s/he has the energy and the stamina to actually do it?

Seniors Without Borders (also a product division of GVA Travel Solutions) was created to cater for senior volunteers. Seniors Without Borders offers volunteer holidays opportunities for Seniors and Retirees in Africa. We specialize in vacation holidays and travel for the over 50 traveler to Africa.

Senior Without Borders
Senior Without Borders

Make plans now to join us on a fun-filled safaris, holidays and volunteer vacations across East Africa and beyond. Friendships will be formed as you share your travel experiences with other active senior adults you will meet on the trip.

Boomers, seniors, retirees, and anyone over 50 looking for a wonderful holiday that not only will let you explore the world, but also to make a positive impact on the community you visit, Consider a volunteer vacation organized by Seniors Without Borders.

Seniors Without Borders offer specialty trips for travelers over 50. GVA Travel Solutions is the parent company of Go Volunteer Africa and Go Volunteer Africa offers a wide variety of volunteer trips for travelers of all ages and backgrounds across Africa.

Senior Holidays
Senior Holidays

Our volunteer opportunities for seniors range from short- to long-term, and can use expertise that comes with age and experience. Your experience and knowledge can be incredibly valuable to share with a community project that’s striving to make a difference for people in need, and by volunteering, you can make a direct impact while also learning about a new culture and enjoying free time to explore your country of choice.

You’re never too old for an adventure. We have the best seniors’ tours for the young-at-heart traveller. Seniors Without Borders (SWB) provide tours, activities, holiday packages and adventures for travellers who know that age is much more than just a number.

So whether you’re looking to sip cocktails under a shimmering Indian Ocean sunset or trek through the majestic Serengenti plains, Seniors Without Borders is here to help you organize the perfect volunteer tour for your dream destination.

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