Senegal Travel Guide

Senegal is a traveler’s delight located on the west coast of the continent of Africa.  In this Senegal travel guide, we are to share with you about the weather, attractions, adventures and everything Senegal has to offer to a traveler. Senegal is quite hot and humid, particularly in the wet season from May to November. Dry season is from December to April. It can be quite windy year round.

The north is quite arid with rolling hills and plains, compared to the tropical forests of the south, beaches and deltas on the Atlantic coast. The north is popular with the annual Dakar rally that attracts many international rally drivers, both cars and bikes.

Dakar has now more tourist attractions, affordable hotels and major resorts plus friendly international airports. Flights to Dakar from all international routes land at Dakar International airport with cheap regional fliers connecting towns and beaches. Blaise Diagne International Airport is definitely serving global traffic to Dakar and to other parts of Africa.

This incredible African country features several natural worth-visiting spots and impressive French colonial heritage. And, if you are planning to visit Senegal, you need to know some of the most popular tourist attractions to explore. So, let’s have a look at them in this Senegal travel guide.


If you are on a wildlife safari, visit Niokolo-Koba, Senegal’s largest national park and Lower Casamance National Park home to lions, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, zebras and more animals within the natural savannah habitat. Bandia Nature Reserve is another interesting wildlife centre while Djoudj National Park has more than memorable birding swamps, with more than 500 species of migrants that arrive here during the European winter.

Ile de Goree

This is a small island found along the coast about three kilometers from the capital city of Senegal; Dakar. The place is a popular tourist destination because of slave house which was built back in 1776 by the Dutch, and today it stands well preserved in its very original state as a museum. Touring through the walls of this building gives you a feel of the horrible conditions under which the slaves were treated before proceeding for their journey to the American land.


Senegal is a country blessed with a rich cultural and historic heritage that dates back to many centuries ago. This rich heritage is well preserved in its various museums found in the different parts of the country. Some of the famous museums in the country include the Maison des Esclaves, Musse Historique and the Musee d’Art Africain.


Dakar is the capital city of Senegal and is a very lively city with busy streets, vibrant market places, congested traffic and an exceptionally outstanding nightlife. The city houses some of the finest night clubs, art plus musical festivals, and live music venues in the whole of western Africa. A day spent in Dakar is quite memorable as you will be rewarded with adventure and excitement as you move through its winding streets.

The city was a slave trade centre for West Africa and is now a UNESCO world heritage site. Visit the Mouride Temple of Touba, St. Louis- an old colonial village, Goree Island and not forgetting the neighboring beach resorts of Sally and Petite-Cote.

Beaches in Senegal

Senegal is a country that prides in more than 300 miles of stunning golden-sandy beaches beautifully dotted with numerous palm trees and well lined with gentle waters. Senegal’s tropical sunshine has made its beaches an idea getaway destination from all the hustle and crowds of the day to day life. Some of the prominent beaches are found in Dakar among which are Yoff, Plage Bel-Air and N’Gor. Most of them offer wonderful and quite luxurious accommodation that is all worth trying out.

Water activities

Senegal’s long coastline dotted with several beaches and resorts has made it an ideal destination to enjoy several water activities. Some of the prominently enjoyed activities within the warm coastal waters include: swimming, snorkeling, sea fishing, water skiing and wind surfing. There is even a location where one could go for some Fly Fishing.

Pink Lake

Pink Lake, also well-known as Retba Lake, is a spectacular lake full of pink-purple color. It has known to possess large amount of salt content and unique species of bacteria. Watch this spellbinding lake in the reflection of the sunlight offers you a stunning view. Drive for an hour to north from the capital Dakar to watch incredible salt harvesting.

St. Louis

St. Louis, also popular as Ndar, is a one of the oldest French colonial towns where most European squires resided. This fishing town comprises significant part of the main land and spreads out on a tiny island. While exploring this fabulous town, you can find old European houses comprising balconies and old-styled iron gates that reflect the past times of the town.

Make sure you visit the oldest church which dates back to the 1828 era in the Senegal here. Also, you can find a Muslim cemetery, where the net of the fishermen covers their grave of the respective net’s owner.

Cap Skirring

Cape Skiring is a well-known town situated on the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can find a fabulous seaside resort, golf course to play golf, and an airport. Also, you can spend a leisure time by relaxing on one of the enchanting beaches in Africa here. Make sure you explore the white sandy beach adorned with eye-catching coconut palm trees.

Saloum Delta National Park

Don’t miss visiting the Saloum Delta National Park that streatches over 76,000 hectares in the western area of the Senegal. It features outstanding biodiversity. You can find here fishes, various species of birds, savanna, and mangrove forests. You can’t afford to miss eye-catching small lagoons and spellbinding green islands.

One of the interesting facts is that this incredible park is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can experience a pleasant experience by touring between several beautiful green islands by using a traditional African boat or pirogue.

Senegal River

Another wonderful attraction that you should not miss when in Senegal is the stunning Senegal River. This majestic river flows covering over 1,700 km. The interesting fact is that this amazing river creates impressive fertile valley in the middle of the Sahel Desert. Make sure you watch breathtaking site of fabulous dams and incredible marine life. Discover the historical significance of this exquisite river and how the river had been useful during the era of the traditional Senegalese living.

Lompoul Desert

Have an experience of exploring the desert by visiting the Lompoul Desert in Senegal. Make sure you enjoy fun camel trekking, marvelous vistas, and thrilling sand dune buggies. You can also enjoy the celebrations of the Festival du Sahel, an incredible music festival, here when vacationing in this marvelous African country.

Now that you know these fabulous destinations to visit when in Senegal, make sure you visit each one of them when planning to spend you vacations in this amazing African country.

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